Fire Omar – Or Don’t

My apologies for missing this piece calling for Omar Minaya’s head by Dave Cameron, and an even better response defending Minaya by Fire Jerry Manuel. But with all the noise suggesting a change in the Mets’ front office, both are still relevant.

MetsFever suggests that Jermaine Dye will be available this winter, and the Mets could be interested. Well, that would fit the pattern of acquiring aging sluggers on the downside of their career.

How many times have the Yankees fielded an entire lineup where every one of their players had more home runs than anyone on the Mets? Visit I Hate The Mets to find out.

Finally, go to TheRopolitans to see an up-close look at Max Scherzer’s heterochromia (as well as those crazy eyes of his). I think he’s part Alaskan Malamute.

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  1. micalpalyn August 12, 2009 at 11:05 am
    Metsblog is reporting that the Mets will sign Steve Matz by Monday!! AND at twice his slot value….

    Omar is stepping up?

  2. micalpalyn August 12, 2009 at 11:13 am

    How about digressing from the norm and (re-)writing a review of the Mets franchise since Jeff Wilpon started meddling.

    b. Why not review the penny pinching…Lets note that Santana almost WAS NOT SIGNED until Fred Wilpon himself intervened and signed the extension.

    c. Alex Rios PERFECT oppurtunity to get an OF at no cost and preview him for 50 games..

    d. Henry Schulman at the San Francisco Chronicle asks fans if they’d let Barry Zito go on a waiver claim. Easy call, right? Schulman offers up some bullet points to consider before you answer

    e. Another point: One blog (?) several weeks ago noted the Yanks, Dodgers, RSox have massive front offices compared to the Mets…in other words they are run like a corporation…not a mom and pop store…

  3. Mark August 12, 2009 at 11:51 am
    Forget about Dye. The main thing the Mets need back is Reyes.

    Castillo’s OBP as leadoff: .294
    Cora’s OBP as leadoff: .310
    Pagan’s OBP as leadoff: .345 (not bad)

    Still compared to Reyes who was on .358 and with the steals factor he brings to the table that was the ingredient missed most this year.

  4. edfever August 12, 2009 at 12:55 pm
    Thanks for noticing my little piece of the pie, to defend myself here is my thought, My pick was and still is Dunn, if we hadn’t passed on him I would never be looking at or suggesting guys I agree are over the hill but we will need a Homerun bat from somewhere and the farm certainly isnt producing one. By the way on Rios he had to make it through the AL before an NL team could claim him. Anyhow heres my response to the Dye post>>>

    Rem.- I agree with the age thing, but here’s the problem. We don’t have a true intimidating HR threat in the line-up and an NL line-up needs one with a pitcher. Beltran, Wright, Francoeur are line drive hitters ( IMO) with home run power but their not protect the guys around them, get intentional walks and if the pitcher makes a mistake its at the world fair type guys. There aren’t any of them in FA under 30, we dont have any coming up in the farm and Omar has proven he wont trade his 16 y/o prospects regardless of the hole. So it’s either find a 3o something with 25-30 HRs left in the tank or bring back one of Sheffield or Delgado neither of which I want to return, Sheffield due to health and Delgado clubhouse.

  5. isuzudude August 13, 2009 at 11:33 am
    Oh my God, Ed Ryan visits this site. Better not say a thing in disagreement with this ayatollah of baseball as he might ban you from his life.

    Here are Ed’s two biggest problems that I’ve picked up on after frequenting his site:
    1. He is heavily biased in his disfavor for Omar Minaya. Case in point, he demanded Omar make “a trade, any trade” as this season was tanking in June and July, even if it cost the Mets highly touted prospects for nominal talent that wouldn’t make the Mets any better – just to appease the fanbase and show the players on the team that management was trying to give them some help. Forget about how irresponsible that gameplan is. The point is that when Omar traded Church for Francoeur, it appeared as though Ed got his wish – however, just a week or so after that trade, he was back to writing his articles on how Omar never makes in-season deals and needs to make a trade to save 2009. His agenda was/is to bash and blame Omar for the debacle that is the ’09 season, and nothing was going to stop him…not even the truth.
    2. I am convinced Ed is a firm believer that every player who is not currently a member of the Mets organization is an all-star. I say that because every time there is a rumor about a player who might be on the trading block, or when ever some scrub is released by another team, he bolts like lightning to the computer to make a post about how the Mets NEED to get so-and-so and how adding this player will create the impression that the Mets are trying to improve.

    But alas, Ed doesn’t want to have a serious conversation about how good or bad Omar Minaya is as GM, or who deserves to get the most fault for this season’s failures. No, instead he prefers to sit on his perch over on MetsFever and preach about how he knows everything and that if you have the gall to disagree with his dictations than you are an insignificant pottymouth whose posts get erased and whose opinions get silenced. Thank god for MetsToday because I know I have the ability to speak my mind and challenge people here to a worthy debate. And I know I have the right, the platform, and the permission to say that Ed Ryan is the worst form of blogger and that, even if you can get past his egotistical and maniacal persona, you still have to weed through his blatant negative bias of Omar Minaya and his twisted, irrational, and unfactual opinions. You made the bed, Ed; now you gotta lie in it.

    Anyway, I agree 100% with the post and mantra at Fire Jerry Manuel. Just because the popular choice these days is to blame Omar for the failures of this year’s team doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

    Mic: how would Alex Rios be of no cost? If the Mets were to claim him on waivers, the 5 years and $60-mil remaining on his contract were coming with him. You gotta know the facts before making a comment like that.