Mets Game 115: Win Over Giants

Mets 3 Giants 0

Admiral Farragut once said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

Bobby Parnell produced six stellar innings of 3-hit, shutout baseball, and the bullpen held up their end of the bargain to lead the Mets to their second straight victory.

Angel Pagan redeemed himself with a leadoff homerun in the first frame to give the Mets the only run they’d need. Though, the offense was in a particularly giving mood, providing two extra scores via the legs of Luis Castillo.

On-fire Frankie Fantastic earned his second save in as many games.


Parnell pitched very well, there’s no denying it. But you know I have to find something wrong with his outing, and it’s the pitch count. I am completely amazed that not one member of the media has made a peep about the Mets’ decision to push Parnell from an average of 15 pitches a game to an 85-pitch “limit” over the course of two weeks. Is this not the same New York media that was up in arms when the Yankees transitioned Joba Chamberlain from bullpen to rotation in a similar fashion?

The difference is that Chamberlain had been used very judiciously out of the bullpen for the first two months of the season — pitching on back-to-back days only twice. In contrast, Parnell has been used as a relief pitcher through the first 100 games of the season, in 53 appearances. His usage includes back-to-back days as well as three consecutive days — something he’d never done before in his life.

I will keep harping on this subject until someone takes notice. Bobby Parnell may be one of the few shining stars in the Mets’ future, but only if he is healthy.

Next Mets Game

The Mets host the Giants again at 4:10 PM on Saturday afternoon. Johan Santana faces Matt Cain.

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  1. mic August 15, 2009 at 11:36 am
    But in retort I would also say that Manuel (Dallas Green-2) would have pitched him thru 8 innings without the visible ‘pitch count’.

    I also wonder if the last outing & pitch count made him attack hitters more as he tried to get thru innings. Looking at the highlights his secondary pitchers were not too shabby, but then behind a FB that (apparantently) was humming between 96-97mph you can get away with more.

    This outing lifted me, and from the news clips various other Mets.