Wilpon Warms Up in Buffalo

According to The Buffalo News, Jeff Wilpon appeared at Coca-Cola Park in Buffalo to apologize for the Bisons’ awful season.

After all, it was the Mets who inadequately stocked their AAA team with players who would have a hard time competing in the local Babe Ruth League.

Some of the quotes:

“There’s disappointment in the fan base and ownership here as well as ownership in New York with how [the Bisons] have performed. We have to fix that,” Wilpon told The Buffalo News during the Herd’s 9-4 win over Lehigh Valley. “It’s something we want to do better and we will do better for the City of Buffalo and for the Mets.

“It’s good business to do better and it’s also the morally right thing to do because Buffalo has opened its arms to us and we really appreciate that. It’s been terrific to be here. …”


“We want a competitive team for the entire year, not just two-thirds of the year, and we’re going to spend the money on Buffalo,” Wilpon said. “We spend money on the big league club and we spent money here as well. The injuries with the big league club were the biggest issue here. Everybody in our organization knows this is a priority to get this team in a better position. We’d like to be here long term.

“We’re disappointed as well. I can understand the fans’ feeling. We don’t want to lose. The ownership group here doesn’t and I can tell you for certain ownership in New York doesn’t want to be losing here.”

So … was this trip to Buffalo a warmup for the apologies Jeff will be offering to Flushing a few weeks from now?

Regardless, the fans of Buffalo should know — the Wilpons are well known for apologies and empty promises, so get used to it.

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