Fernando Martinez Disabled Again

Top Mets prospect Fernando Martinez is off the field again, this time suffering from blister problems.

F-Mart is currently on the roster of Escogido in the Dominican Winter League.

From Adam Rubin’s report on the issue:

The continued trouble has led to advice from ex-Met Moises Alou, who is GM of Martinez’s winter-ball team. Alou, who used to urinate on his hands to increase the skin’s toughness, has recommended Martinez do the same thing.

Martinez injured again. Moises Alou is the GM. Before you even get to the urine thing, there are already a dozen jokes to be made.

If nothing else, this Mets offseason is providing plenty of laughter.

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  1. gary s. December 6, 2009 at 12:22 pm
    the “crown jewel” has a booboo again..What a surprise.It also seems that minaya is working closely with fellow gm alou.So far he has been urinating on any chance for this team to be competitive next year.. And the Wilpons urinated all over the fans with the ticket pricing at citicavern.Sounds like moises has an executive job waiting for him with the mets anytime he wants one.Has there ever been a player/assistant general manager??Maybe omar could make that happen after we sign another washed up catcher.
  2. Julie December 6, 2009 at 12:44 pm
    Trade him!
  3. Mike December 6, 2009 at 12:56 pm
    Okay, first off, gary s: the “crown jewel” is either Jenry Mejia or Ike Davis at this point. MArtinez was the best prospect the past two seasons but Ike and Mejia have definitely passed him. It is not really the Mets fault the guy keeps getting booboos. Really its not their fault for pushing him as the best either, he showed he was worth the praise and promotions. He’s hit and played well in all facets when he has actually played. He just needs to stay healthy and people will be excited about him again. Lets be honest here, if this was Davis or Wilmer Flores nobody bats and eye at this. It’s not a big deal, he can avoid blisters easily in his career. He just gets hurt a lot and so it’s news.

    Julie I respectfully disagree. Why trade a once top commodity at a bargain basement price? It’s as thought Mets fans believe guys at AAA are somehow hurting the team by being there. Leave him in Buffalo and forget about him for a year and reevaluate in the fall. Again, why the rush to trade him when his stock is down? If he flames out in AAA, as opposed to trading him for whatever you can get, is that really all that much worse? We don’t have to make a decision on the kid yet, he’s just getting to drinking age this season!!!

  4. Julie December 6, 2009 at 12:58 pm
    Mike – good points. I suppose there’s no harm to let him work his way back to health and show us what he can do. And as soon as he gets there, then trade him because I think this injury/healthy thing will be a repeat cycle. But who knows. I hope I’m wrong and that he takes off and the team values him and keeps him.
  5. gary s. December 6, 2009 at 9:46 pm
    forget about trading martinez..till he can play 2/3’s of a season at any level, i doubt any team even wants him.as for mejia and ike davis, they are getting the same accolades that martinez got from the met front office.Hopefully one of these guys can actually make it the the big leagues and play a little.after seeing martinez embarrass himself last year, hopefully the front office can exhibit some patience and not rush them..