Fitzgerald Pinch Hitting this Week

FYI, I will be in South America for business this week and will have sporadic access to the baseball and the internet. As such, John Fitzgerald will pinch-hit for me and keep you informed. I’m certain his performance off the bench will surpass what you’ve seen from the likes of Gary Matthews Jr. and Smithtown’s own Frank Catalanotto.

That said please continue to check in to MetsToday and chime in with your comments. Please be nice to John. Thanks.

If you’re curious as to my whereabouts, you can follow me on Twitter @joejanish.

I’ll be back in the USA on Saturday. What are the chances that Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen are still employed when I get back?

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  1. MikeTomaselli May 18, 2010 at 12:11 am
    Unfortunately good…for now. I can't imagine they get rid of Jerry/Omar until after the brutal stretch coming up. Then I think talk will heat up if things don't go well. I'd give it 2 weeks of continued bad play after this stretch before the move is made… am I too pessimistic? I definitely want Jerry and Omar out, but I doubt ownership will make the move soon if they haven't already.

    That said if the Mets DO survive this I get the feeling they have a run in them. Milwaukee has been bad and while the Mets never play well in San Diego, it is similar to Citi and I get the feeling they might play well there this year. Anyway point is it may seem bad now but I think there is some chance they don't continue to collapse.

  2. isuzudude May 18, 2010 at 12:41 pm
    Have a safe trip Joe!
  3. metsfan73 May 18, 2010 at 1:33 pm
    I think Manuel and Omar are safe for the remainder of this month. Problem is, if Jerry goes, do we really want Melvin? That's the guy who will be hired, and I don't think he would do any better. Ultimately, maybe not yet, but ultimately Wally Backman should be given serious consideration.
    I also think the Mets have to take a long look at HoJo. Players under his guidance have not fared well. He should be let go too.