Wednesday Links, Hump Day Edition

Bergen Record – Bob Klapisch says the Mets are “too cheap and too gutless” to stand up to Oliver Perez, who he calls a “weasel.”

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper answers the age-old question, “Can the Mets please eat the contract of [insert name of overpaid outfield veteran here].” Today’s topic: George Foster Vince Coleman Bobby Bonilla Jeromy Burnitz Gary Matthews Jr.

The Sporting News – Carlos Beltran may be close to returning. No surprise there – he’s been getting closer to returning for about a year now, depending on who you believe. The interesting thing is the Mets are floating the idea of bringing him back as a right fielder. Glad I have Angel Pagan on my fantasy team.

ESPN – Adam Rubin warns that everything in the link above and any talk about Beltran returning soon may be a tad premature. Translation: Nobody knows when Beltran will begin his rehab. Glad I have Angel Pagan on my fantasy team.

213 Miles From Shea – A list of Mets promotional giveaways in the month of June. With pictures!

The Daily Stache – Scott Ilowite thinks Dan Uggla might be a good fit for second base. Interesting take.

MetsToday – Joe Janish responds to Bob Klapisch’s response to the Mets’ response to Darryl Strawberry’s recent clubhouse pep talk. Got that?

And in honor of Daryl Strawberry’s recent appearance in the Mets clubhouse, enjoy some “Chocolate Strawberry”:

Gameday Open Thread

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7 Responses to “Wednesday Links, Hump Day Edition”
  • Did you link yourself to yourself? Isn't that blogger masturbation? You sicken me Joe…
  • Technically speaking, I linked to Joe's post. Of course, I linked to it from his own blog. I'm not sure what that means, metaphorically speaking, but I'm sure you can find a disgusting metaphor for that.

    I think if Joe writes a 48-page essay on Wally Backman, Bob Klapisch and Darryl Strawberry, the least I could do is link to it the following day.

  • Well I don't see an author's name so I had to assume it was Joe linking Joe, which seemed odd. That is all.
  • John Fitzgerald says:
    Point taken. Technically, the author's name appears at the bottom of the post, but it should probably be moved up. I'm not up on all that technoweb wizardry stuff, so I'll leave it to Joe.
  • Ah, i see that now. Yes it is in an odd place. I wouldn't move it necessarily, but perhaps the author's name could be added to the top of every post.
  • isuzudude says:
    I thought the Chocolate Strawberry song was going to be a spoof of Tay Zonday. Mildly disappointed.
  • John Fitzgerald says:
    I'm sorry 'dude, but if you are disappointed by Darryl Strawberry rapping (poorly), I'm not sure I know what to say.

    I may have to post George Foster rapping…