Video: Jayson Werth Goes Full Wally on a Fan

Well, maybe not FULL Wally Backman, but a quarter-Wally… or an eighth?

Just to put Werth’s frustration into context, this is from the 12th inning of last night’s game.

A young child may have been scarred for life last night after his father, who was in perfect position to catch a foul ball, didn’t yield to the advances of mountain man Jayson Werth as he also attempted to catch the fly. Except, you know, if Jayson Werth caught the ball it’d end up as an out instead of a memento on top of the fireplace. Unfortunately for the Phillies and the virgin ears of the foul ball catcher’s kid, the dad caught the ball and Werth unleashed a string of cuss words that would’ve sent him straight to the principal’s office. At least Werth can claim he was just trying to expand the young boy’s vocabulary. (With Leather)

My gut reaction was that a fan should ALWAYS get out of the way in a situation like this, ESPECIALLY if it would help the team he is rooting for… However, consider this:

  • The fan did not reach over the railing, as the ball was clearly going to land in the stands.
  • The fan was watching the ball, not Werth, so he probably didn’t realize Werth was upon him until the last second
  • If the fan doesn’t go for the ball, he better hope Werth catches it or else that ball is going to hit him or his kid

That’s alot to be thinking about with a ball falling directly onto your head.

In case you’re wondering, the Phillies won the game in the bottom of the inning on Brian Scheidner’s walk-off home run.

  1. isuzudude July 10, 2010 at 1:20 pm
    Everybody now: JAY-SON-WERTH-LESS *clap clap clapclapclap*