Mets Meaningful Number – 19

The Mets Meaningful Number – the number of games they probably need to win in order to reasonably considered part of the wildcard race on September 1 – is still stuck at 19.

For those that missed the initial posts on the MMN, here is the methodology:

Step 1 – Take the number of games remaining before September 1 and multiply by the winning percentage of the current wildcard leader.

27 x .575 = 15.52

Step 2 – Take the number of games out of the wildcard lead and subtract 5.

7.5 – 5 = 2.5

Step 3 – Add the results of Step 1 and 2

15.52 + 2.5 = 18.02

Step 4 – Take the result from Step 3 and round up

18.02 = 19

So assuming the wildcard leader will play at a .575 clip between now and September, the Mets will have to go 19-8 during that time to remain within five games of the wildcard lead. Hopefully, they can lower the number to 18 so I can Photoshop the number 18 onto a different photo of Funkmaster Fred.

Let’s go Meaningful Mets!

  1. Matt K August 2, 2010 at 5:10 pm
    Well, if you consider the Braves’ WP = .567 and them 6.5 games ahead of us, our meaningful number for the playoffs is 17…
  2. loge mezzanine August 2, 2010 at 6:10 pm
    Hmm… Thanks for pointing that out. I basically wrote off the team’s chances for winning the division. Truth be told, I think they have a very good chance at finishing in fourth place.

    But you’re right. I will adjust the Meaningful Number accordingly tomorrow.