A Less Noble Answer

Mets MailbagCan Marty Noble be any more condescending to Mets fans? Can he be any more pandering to the Mets’ executives and PR staff that keep his wallet filled?

Probably not, so once a week we’ll pick a fair question or two from Marty’s “Mailbag” on Mets.com and re-answer it for the nice fan who asked it.

Original question:
For each of the last few years, the Mets have tried desperately to find a young, long-term second baseman. Jose Valentin filled the position, but not the role, and Damion Easley is now doing the same. The organization has all but given up on Anderson Hernandez. What about Ruben Gotay? The kid is still young, 25, and seems to be handling the bigs well. Any chance we see him on the Mets roster for the long-term?
— Chris R., Albany, N.Y.

Marty’s original answer:

I’m not sure the Mets’ regard for Gotay is as high as yours. I suspect they consider him to be tad better than a 4A player, and clearly not an impact player. You can see now that Valentin is back, Gotay’s innings are limited. It wouldn’t surprise me if he were the one demoted when Alou returns.

MetsToday Answer:

That’s an astute observation, Chris, and a good question. It does appear that AHern has lost favor with management — at least for the moment. Gotay is an intriguing possibility, since as you point out he is only 25 and does seem to be handling the bigs pretty well. His defense has been the best the Mets have seen at second base this year, and he’s hitting .500 in his last seven games — certainly worthy of a longer look. Whether he’ll get more of an opportunity remains to be seen, as Willie Randolph has been more reliant on what he calls “my veteran guys”. While his chance to shine this year looks questionable, Gotay has definitely opened some eyes, and may well be in the mix for the starting job in 2008 and beyond.

Original question:
Any chance of the Mets trading for Ken Griffey Jr.? He would bring veteran leadership, power, contact, fielding, everything. With all our outfield problems, he could really bring balance to the lineup and help win a World Series. Your thoughts?
— Ben S., location withheld

Marty’s answer:

My first thought is whether he would want to leave the Reds? The second is how would Mets acquire him if they even had interest? And what would be done with Shawn Green and the rest of his contract? These dots don’t appear to connect.

MetsToday Answer:

Hmm … an intriguing proposition. The Reds are mired in last place in the NL Central, nine games out, and showing no signs of improvement. Griffey has yet to compete in a World Series, and isn’t getting any younger. Combine those two facts with the emergence of Josh Hamilton, and Griffey getting dealt doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

The Mets do have some young arms and bats to deal, and if the Reds trade Griffey we’d assume it would be to build for tomorrow. I could see a Jason Vargas or Ambiorix Burgos, along with an A-level prospect, being dangled in a deal. With Moises Alou out until who-knows-when, Griffey could be just the veteran bat needed to spark the Mets offense. A batting order with Beltran-Griffey-Wright-Delgado in the middle would be hard to beat.

To be abused by Marty, go to Mets.com. Hopefully no one will have put sour milk in his coffee when he answers.

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  1. sincekindergarten June 13, 2007 at 4:29 pm
    Reference the third question . . . what about telling the Cubs that we’ll take on, say, 80% of Cliff Floyd’s salary if they’ll send him to us for a couple of B-level minor-leaguers?
  2. joe June 13, 2007 at 6:40 pm
    Not the worst idea … I always thought it would make sense to have both Alou and Floyd on the team together, and hope that they’d get hurt at different times!

    Omar let Roberto Hernandez flee via free agency, then traded for him a few months later … so there’s a precedent. I’d give the Cubs Ricky Ledee and Jon Adkins.