August 13: Friday Mets Links

MetsMerized – The Mets have banished K-Rod to the restricted list. He will never don a Mets uniform ever again… or until Saturday. Whichever comes first.

Mets Gazette – Frank Gray chronicles the Mets seemingly perpetual slide into circus-y irrelevance. Are we there yet?

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone thinks the Mets can only become relevant again if there is some accountability.

MetsToday – Speaking of accountability, Jeff Wilpon has lied about playing pro ball for 27 years in order to appear qualified for the job he is currently failing at. Amazin!

Daily Stache – There was one big winner when K-Rod was arrested – a Pennsylvania cab driver netted $300.

And here are Johan Santana’s comments on K-Rod and yesterday’s shutout, via ESPN New York: