Mets Game 115: Win Over Phillies

Mets 1 Phillies 0

The R.A. Dickey dreamscape continues …

For the first time in 42 games — about a month and a half — the Mets won back-to-back games. And it took two straight shutouts, the first time they did that in eight years (the last time it was Pedro Astacio and Jeff D’Amico).

Game Notes

R.A. Dickey was tremendous, and would’ve thrown a no-hitter had it not been for a duck snort by opposing pitcher Cole Hamels. The only other baserunner was a walk to Wilson Valdez in the third inning. Remember Wilson Valdez? Dickey struck out 7 and expended only 105 pitches. How can you not love this guy?

Tough-luck loser Cole Hamels gave up only five hits and two walks, striking out 8 in 8 innings. He also threw only 105 pitches. If Shane Victorino didn’t misplay David Wright‘s liner in the sixth, this game could still be going on — with both pitchers still on the hill. Gutsy, competitive performance by both.

In the fifth, it appeared as though the Mets went up 1-0 when Mike Hessman hit a ball that appeared to be a homerun to left — though, Phillies leftfielder Raul Ibanez protested immediately, possibly citing interference by a fan. After six and a half minutes of video review, the umpires ruled it interference and gave Hessman a ground-rule triple.

I don’t get how they decided it was a triple and not a double. Anytime a fan interferes it is automatically a double, and had Ibanez played the ball rather than stopped immediately and pointed to the fan, I’m not sure the lead-footed Hessman would’ve made it all the way to third base.

The SNY crew was convinced it was NOT interference, despite seeing only one vague, fuzzy camera view. They were condescending and critical of the umpires about the call, which I found annoying, because to me, it was not crystal clear. I don’t care whether the call went for or against the Mets, I care about getting the right call, and I don’t like being made to feel stupid for disagreeing with Gary, Keith, and Ron. A rare misfire by what is usually an outstanding announcing team.

As it was, the Mets couldn’t score Hessman from third, getting three shots to do so. They also failed to score Angel Pagan from third with one out in the first.

Next Mets Game

The Mets and Phillies play again at 7:10 PM on Saturday night. Pat Misch makes his first MLB start of 2010 against Roy Halladay.

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  1. Tommy2cat August 14, 2010 at 7:04 am
    I went to the game. Here’s a few thoughts:

    – I thought Dickey would have a good night based upon the weather and his desire to bounce back against the Phillies. Weather-wise, it was a crisp, cool and breezy evening for August, which are very good conditions for a knuckleball to dance. Dickey is such a competitor that I figured he’d know how to use it to his advantage.

    – The umpires got it so wrong. If you read their quotes, they were so uncertain as to whether the fan’s reaching over the rail truly interfered with the trajectory of the ball, that their evidence was insufficient to overturn the call on the field. In reality, the fan reached halfway down the railing and whether the fan touched the ball at that point or it hit their railing, the ball was over the orange line and a homerun in either instance.

    – I think K-Rod should render a beatdown to Ibanez and Victorino for whining until they got their way. And where was Jerry Manuel when all of this uncertainty was taking place. He should have run out of the dugout like George Brett when Charlie Manuel sought to challenge the homerun, and explained to the crew that the orange line delineates a homerun, thereby negating the possibility of fan interference. Unfreakinbelievable!

    – From this point forward, Hessman is nicknamed “Lurch”. When he gets his September call-up, Nick Evans will be known as “Little Lurch.” Got it?


    Oh yeah, you want lower ticket prices?

    Four (4) upper level “Promenade Gold” tickets, with surcharges and printing > $400. Five hotdogs, four sodas, four ice creams and two baseball hats > $125.

    Note: I rejected Stubhub prices, which were HIGHER than normal ticket prices.

    Notwithstanding, the kids and I had a great time watching a great game.

  2. gary s. August 14, 2010 at 9:53 am
    Do i need to remind everyone, if the park had normal dimensions instead of the great wall of flushing in left field, there would not have been a 7 minute delay to change a home run to a triple.not to mention 100 bucks per ticket to sit upstairs to watch a ballgame.I DESPISE THE WILNOTS!! That’s why all u posters with the play the young guys and rebuild song for 2 years are these ticket prices, u have to put a winning team on the field or no one will show up and the wilpons can’t rip u off for $9 beers and $7 hotdogs..i went to my last game of the year on thursday.i wll not return this year or next year if minaya is still the g.m. his remarks on k-thug were, it appears he is ill or has a drinking problem,he could hardly put a sentence together during the interview.seemed like a scared deer staring into headlights.what a pathetic front office.
  3. John2008 August 16, 2010 at 2:19 am
    I love the Phillies and have for 30 years. I don’t let my love for my teams cloud my judgement… which I’ve seen happen over and over with fans, especially Met fans.

    Are you guys for real with this crap? It clearly was NOT a home run. The fan was reaching WAY over, and barely grazed the ball. So lets say the fan didn’t touch the ball at all and the ball just continued as it did. Did you Met fans see it go over the wall? REALLY??? When did it go over the “railing” and what brought it back into the field of play? The replays we have here in Philly show the ball hitting the wall several feet down the wall. I don’t quite get how ANY of you saw the ball go over the railing, when it hit so far down the way. And I never saw so much crying about a call that they actually gave you an extra base for. There is NO WAY they should have awarded a triple for that play… not to left field and especially not to an average to slow runner. The Phillies had two homers taken away in the same fashion as the call you’re complaining about in ONE GAME. One of the balls hit was clearly not a homer, but the other was almost impossible to tell if it was or it wasn’t… the fan had their hand out and touched the ball right about the level of the railing. Because the fan touched it, they called it a double. I didn’t give it a 2nd thought… it was close and I lived with the decision. Your supposed homer wasn’t close compared to the 2nd called against the Phillies… so stop yer bitching.

    Hey, congratulations on the 4 shutouts in Shiti Park, I hear they are convening a special board to look at awarding the Mets a special playoff berth because of the feat. Unfortunately it doesn’t look good, since they will be required to look at the other 95% of the Mets body of work called the rest of the season. Perhaps you can get a T-Shirt made up to celebrate the accomplishment.

    It’s August 15th and the Mets are now 10 games out.

    Until next year Met fans… take it easy… or not.