Mets Game 141: Loss to Phillies

Phillies 8 Mets 4

The game was over by the fourth inning. But for whatever reason, I kept watching till the end. Must be the same reason people stop to look at car accidents, or watch bad movies on Cinemax at 2 AM.

Game Notes

For the second straight start, Jenrry Mejia did not look like a Major League pitcher, displaying poor command of his fastball, inconsistency with his breaking pitches, and getting hit hard when he was throwing strikes. He did hit 95 a handful of times, but once again hovered in the 91-92 MPH range with his fastball. The numbers weren’t good, either: 6 runs on 9 hits and a walk in 4 innings and 81 pitches. It actually could’ve been 8 runs on 10 hits but Jose Reyes made a spectacular play to end the third and rob Placido Polanco of a two-run single. Additionally, Mejia did a terrible job of backing up home on a play at the plate — an issue we noticed in the previous start. Little things like this eventually affect the outcome of ballgames, and there is absolutely no excuse for failing to hustle your way into position.

On a positive note, Josh Thole had three hits and threw out a runner attempting to steal. His footwork looked really good on his throw to second base.

Also on a positive note, we got to see the great future HOFer Roy Halladay pitch his way to his 18th win of the year.

The best part of the game: Hernandez at the plate, Carter on deck (thanks to tweet by WFAN). Unfortunately it wasn’t Keith and Gary, but Luis and Chris.

Next Mets Game

Game two is one of those FOX telecasts, beginning at 4:10 PM. Mike Pelfrey faces Kyle Kendrick.

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  1. CatchDog September 11, 2010 at 9:50 am
    Joe; it seems that Mejia is falling rather violently towards the third base line (KRod like) after he releases the ball. I don’t remember him doing it earlier this season.

    Perhaps this is one of the causes for his poor command and inconsistency. Not to mention, the inability to be in a good fielding position.


    • Joe Janish September 11, 2010 at 12:20 pm
      Agreed 100%, CatchDog. I’ve been studying his motion and he definitely has too much side to side motion and not enough back to front — i.e., not enough momentum going toward home plate. It’s bothersome, considering that he is a product of whatever the Mets have been teaching him. I’m working on a post to address exactly that, keep an eye out for it.

      His mechanics have everything to do with the lack of command as well as the shoulder strain he suffered a few months ago.

      • CatchDog September 12, 2010 at 8:51 am

        If Howard Migdol can get voted into becoming the next GM of the Mets, I will lead the way to voting you into becoming the next pitching coach.

        You certainly know what you’re talking about. You’ve been dead on with every assessment on our beleaguered staff for the last couple of years.

        Thanks again for all the great work !!

  2. CatchDog September 11, 2010 at 10:48 am
    With Santana now done for the season and Niese and Gee nearing their innings pitched for the season, its time to fill out the rotation for the remainder of the schedule.

    Heres my idea: Give the remaining starts to Pelfrey, Dickey, Misch, Mejia and Ollie Perez.

    Yes, put Ollie back in the rotation. And coincide each of Ollie’s starts with a promo night. How about BB Gun Night, Chinese Star Night, mini Grenade Night (sorry, 12 and up) and finally, Lawn Dart Night. Oh, and instead of 46 on Ollies uniform, put a target. And put a bulls-eye around the mound.

    I’m guessing Citi Field would be packed. The only problem is I don’t believe Ollie would be around next season to honor the last year of his contract. 😉

    • Joe Janish September 11, 2010 at 12:23 pm
      CatchDog, these are excellent, win-win ideas!

      Ollie wins by getting a chance to pitch, the fans win by getting great free gifts, and the Wilpons win by selling out every one of those promo nights!