What Yankees Fans Think

New York Yankees logoIn the aftermath of the Sorrowful Series this past weekend, MetsToday brings you the voice of the Yankees fan. We posed four questions in regard to this whole “subway” thing, to two hardcore Yankee bloggers, Alex Belth of Bronx Banter and SI.com, and Patrick O’Keefe of YanksBlog.com.

1. What is the perspective of the typical Yankee fan in these “subway series” games? Do you
see it as an opportunity to show everyone who the best team in New York is?

Alex: I’m not sure what the typical Yankee fan thinks of the Interleague games vs. the Mets. I think there is a good portion of both fan bases that like the energy of it, while others, like myself, are bored by it. Personally, I think the so-called rivalry would have more juice if they just played one series each year, one year in the Bronx, the next in Queens. I have never looked at six games in May and June as determining the best team in New York–after all, what do you do when they finish 3-3? That’s what the playoffs are about.

I think to a typical fan, it’s not all that different from any other series. For Yankees fans that live in New York or have lived in New York, I think they are the ones that really get into it. I’ve never lived in New York. So, to me, a series with the Mets (while having some of that New York vs. New York excitement) is really just another series to me. Most series are like that for me. Except for, of course, when we play the Red Sox. The series is basically who is better in a 3 or 4 game stretch. You’ll see, over the course of a season, who the better team is, usually.

2. Even with the Yankee struggles this year, do fans still expect the Yankees to beat the Mets, or has the team from Flushing earned some respect?

Alex: I think Yankee fans hope–and many still probably expect–that they’ll win. But you’d have to be pretty dim not to accord the Mets a certain level of respect. They are an excellent team. Moreover, they are a generally likable team, at least as far as I’m concerned. Okay, Paul LoDuca is easy not to like–he’s such a redass, one of those guys you love when he’s on your team and hate when he’s not–but otherwise, Wright, Reyes, Delgado, Beltran and Tom Glavine are all easy to root for (when they aren’t playing the Yanks).

Patrick: I don’t really think it’s about respect. We all know the Mets are in first place in their division and that they have a better record than the Yankees. No matter who it is, I expect to beat them. Maybe expect isn’t the right word – I believe that we can beat them. I’m optimistic like that and I think that, in general, Yankees fans tend to be optimistic (despite the attention grabbing contingent that is quick to panic when we fall a bit). Now, don’t mistake that for thinking that we deserve to win or that we have some sort of birth right to winning or any of that nonsense. I don’t think that way at all. I know we’ll lose. But, I’m optimistic and I think we can win every day.

3. What is your personal opinion of interleague play, and the 6 games between the New York teams in particular?

Alex: Not a fan of Interleague play–I’d rather the Yanks play an AL Central or AL West team a few more times than watch them play the Rockies and Giants this week. It’s fine as a gimmick but they gild the lily too much for me. If they had two or three interleague series per season that’d be more than enough for me. As it is, I think it messes with natural league rivalries.

Patrick: To me, it’s all the same for the most part. It’s cool to see some of the differences and see match ups that you wouldn’t have otherwise seen. And, of course, the Yankees/Mets series’ are going to be a big deal for those in the city.

4. What do you think are the chances of a “real” Subway Series in October?

Alex: Remote. The Yankees still have an uphill climb to even make the playoffs, and while the Mets are playing in an easier league, they too are no lock. However, I’d be more surprised if the Mets miss out on the playoffs this year. I suppose they could meet again, but I wouldn’t count on it happening this year.

Patrick: I think the chances are decent, at least. If it ended now, the Mets would be in the playoffs, of course. The Yankees wouldn’t. But, thankfully, it’s not ending now. I’m the kind of guy who is really locked into my team. While, of course, I have some knowledge of other teams, I don’t really keep a good eye on them, for the most part. So, for example, if you asked me last week, “What is the Mets rotation?”, I might have said “Um… Glavine… Um…” So, I’m not intimately familiar with the Mets or anything. But, they are two good teams in playoff contention, so they could definitely get together for another Subway Series World Series. I’d take it. I don’t care who we play as long as we make it.

Interesting answers from two serious Yankees bloggers. Feel free to post your own opinions in the comments section.

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