Jeff Wilpon To Be Interviewed By Sandy Alderson

According to multiple reports, Sandy Alderson will be meeting with Jeff Wilpon at some point this week in regard to the Mets’ opening in their front office.

Hopefully, Jeff gets a haircut, wears his best suit, arrives on time, and speaks both eloquently and intelligently, so as to impress Mr. Alderson (you WILL address him as “Mr. Alderson”, won’t you, Jeff?). These may seem like trivial details, but considering that Jeff Wilpon has never had to experience a job interview before (remember, he’s had the luck of working in a family business), there is an off-chance that he blows the meeting.

And it would be a catastrophe if Jeff comes off poorly, pushing Mr. Alderson to go back to his job of confirming birth certificates and fettering buscones in the Dominican Republic.

Because if you hadn’t noticed, Richard Lynn “Sandy” Alderson is the Dixie Walker of Mets GM candidates — “the People’s Cherce” (Fred Wilpon should appreciate that moniker). MetsBlog has been singing Alderson’s praises since he became a candidate less than a week ago; Amazin’ Avenue seems to not hate him; all the Mets beat writers agree he’s the most qualified person; even BeelzeBud Selig recommends Alderson as the one man who can clean up the mess in Flushing.

Miraculously, the Mets have found an individual who is universally accepted by the rabid fans, the blogosphere, the statheads, and the professional media. Alderson manages to be all things to all people because he:

- has tons of experience building championship clubs
- is older than John Ricco, but not older than John McCain
- has built successful farm systems
- has worked frugally and efficiently with budgets of all sizes
- has an eye for talent, both in terms of players and scouting personnel
- has the reputation as a strong, no-nonsense leader
- is respected by other GMs throughout baseball
- was mentioned in Moneyball as Billy Beane’s mentor
- is an ex-Marine, and therefore gritty

Those last two may be the strongest qualifications; who else appeals to both the old-school and Beane-head crowds, AND is accepted as competent by my dad (because of the ex-Marine part; Alderson could be a 98-year-old mongoloid with Alzheimer’s but as long as he spent time in the USMC, he’s the best man for the job)? In short, Alderson is a gritty, take-charge leader who understands the “new math” of baseball — and he’s a pretty good public speaker.

Could there be a better candidate that appeals to all parties? If there is, let us know in the comments.

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