As the Mets Turn …

The story of the trouble in the Mets clubhouse grows … it’s now beyond anything David Chase could dream up.

In our last segment, “Trouble in Paradise”, a racial divide was splitting the Mets clubhouse. Silly me, I thought it was a gag — along the lines of “Clemens Signs with Mets” — but alas, it turns out the story was indeed meant to be “true”.

Apparently, Luke Halpert (a.k.a. “Scoop Brady”), really did have an “inside source” relaying the tribulations emanating from the Mets’ supposedly squeaky clean clubhouse.

Or did he?

The plot thickens, as Halpert remains mum on “the source” (who may very well be W. Mark Felt, Sr.), and has recanted his claim of creating several confidential contacts deep inside the Mets organization. Further, the godfather of all Mets blogs — Matt Cerrone — has placed a kiss on Halpert’s cheek, excommunicating him from the MetsBlog family for his outlandish claims and making it very clear that Halpert (a) no longer has any ties to MetsBlog whatsoever and (b) never established a single “inside” source during his short time with Cerrone’s esteemed blog.

Kudos to Matt for setting things straight, and for defending the honor of MetsBlog (as well as bloggers all around Flushing). Shame on me for perpetuating what is clearly a desperate attempt to get on


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