Game 31: Loss

Braves 13 Mets 3

This game was over before it started. Their two previous wins notwithstanding, there couldn’t be anyone in the Mets’ dugout who thought there was a chance of beating John Smoltz — three days’ rest or not — with Jose Lima on the mount.

Even if Smoltz showed up at the game with his right arm in a sling, I’d think the Mets would have a tough time expecting a win with Lima as their starter.

Lima performed exactly as expected: five innings, seven hits, four walks, five runs. Bartolome Fortunato came in to wave flames on the fire, and added some gasoline to insure detonation. His line: one and one-third innings, two walks, six hits, eight runs, all earned. The amazing part is that he managed to give up all that on only 43 pitches. Quite efficient, eh?

Hmm … were there ANY bright spots? Well, Carlos Beltran hit another homer, and went 2-4. Hopefully his hot hitting will stay after the day off on Monday.

And thank goodness for that off day, and the off-day next Monday; they should help keep Lima from the mound for an extra turn or two.

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