Mets Game 30: Loss to Giants

Giants 2 Mets 0

This was sort of reminiscent of a game from the 1970s; it could have been John Montefusco and Jon Matlack on the mound facing lineups that include “hitters” like Chris Speier, Ken Reitz, Marc Hill, Roy Staiger, Mike Phillips, and Del Unser.

Mets Game Notes

Chris Capuano pitched a strong ballgame; like many of his starts, he pitched well enough to win and about as well as a #5 starter can be expected to pitch. But, there was someone other-worldly opposing him on the mound, and allowing even just one run would’ve been one run too many.

Tim Lincecum shut out the Mets through 7 innings, allowing 5 hits and 3 walks, striking out 12. Yet, somehow, it seemed to me like Lincecum wasn’t his vintage self — like, maybe he was operating with less than his best stuff. It could just be that with all of his previous success and hype, I have tremendous expectations. Don’t get me wrong — it was still a great outing. But for whatever reason, I expect to see something historic whenever he takes the mound.

The bottom of the eighth inning reminded me of the Jerry Manuel days; three pitchers to get three outs. The only difference was, the three pitchers used pitched effectively and each did their job.

Carlos Beltran continues to look great at the plate, and is hitting the ball hard. Keeping building that trade value, Carlos! Meanwhile, knowing that he likely won’t be around beyond July, I’m giving each of his at-bats my undivided attention and appreciating every pitch he sees.

Speaking of Beltran, I’m prepared to eat crow regarding the health of his knees. I never, ever expected him to play in 18 consecutive games in the first 30 games of the season.

Ike Davis cut down his swing significantly against Lincecum, particularly when he had two strikes. Usually he has that huge dip of the hands and “load” that resembles an approach you might see at a slo-pitch softball game. But in this game he had very short hand movement and was just trying to make contact — not unlike what we see from Josh Thole most of the time. The approach allowed him to hit one single up the middle but he also struck out three times.

Pat Burrell didn’t hit a homerun, and clearly does not enjoy Citi Field as much as he did Shea Stadium, but he did drive in the first run of the game.

When did Aaron Rowand become so awful as a hitter? I know his stats benefited from CBP and the hitters around him while in Philly, but man, he looks terrible; it’s like he has no idea at the plate — no plan, no approach, no concept of what the pitcher has been doing.

Jason Bay missed another ballgame while on paternity leave. I know you can’t necessarily plan when a newborn will arrive, but the timing could have been better. Such as, when he was in the midst of a slump rather than a hot streak. But who knows, maybe being a dad will help him hit even better. It’s just tough to see him finally get that bat going, and then see him leave the lineup.

Next Mets Game

The Mets attempt to avoid a sweep by sending Mike Pelfrey to the mound on Thursday afternoon against Jonathan Sanchez. Game time is 1:10 PM, so set the DVR if you — like me — will be at work. (Expect to see a postgame recap here sometime in the late evening or Friday morning.)

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  1. Joe May 4, 2011 at 10:50 pm
    With a bit of luck, the Mets could have been tied 1-1 after six. Capauno was about done after six, so stretching further was playing with fire.

    It got them a useful insurance run and the Mets one more out from the starter. As is, that’s good for any starter on the staff, unless we are talking about Santana before he got hurt.

    Took the human gumby 127 pitchers to get through seven. Not quite unbeatable. Took a pretty good catch to get Paulino out at a key at bat.

    Gee gave you another good inning. Good to see he is of some use. Painful to see Harris in big spots. It’s like it’s time for a commercial break or something.

  2. gary s. May 4, 2011 at 11:34 pm
    When does the fire sale begin?this team is infected with a loser mentality.Plus the triple H bench, Harris, hairston and hu has to be the worst in all the years i am watching baseball.None of these guys can put the ball in play.I’m NOT SAYING THEY CAN’T GET A HIT.THEY CAN’T HIT THE BALL PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. SiddFinch May 5, 2011 at 12:38 am
    You’re right tonight was like a 70’s Met game. All that was missing was Murph, Lindsay and one of his loud sport jackets, Kiner’s Korner brought to you by Gillette Foamy or Great Bear Auto and Serio Ferrer pinch running.

    Too bad Terry didn’t call for the “wheel play” cause well it was that kinda night.

    This year’s team is playing out like some bizarro world hybrid of the futile de Roulet years combined with those early ’90s Met disaster teams full of big names, huge contracts and few wins.

  4. Walnutz15 May 5, 2011 at 7:13 am
    This just in from Citi Field:

    7:13am – and another Met player just struck out.