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Mets outfielder Endy Chavez makes a diving catch

A few things passing through the mind of a Mets fan …

  • The injury to Endy Chavez appears more serious than first suspected. There’s a distinct possibility “Legendary Endy” does not return until mid- to late September. That makes the acquisition of Marlon Anderson all the more important, and the likelihood of trading Lastings Milledge next to nil.
  • Pedro Martinez threw three simulated innings after taking a “vacation”. Who takes a vacation in the middle of the baseball season? We heard all the mumbo-jumbo from Jay Horwitz’s crack PR team — he needed a mental rest, the doctors recommended it, blah blah blah — but if you put your hands over your ears, it seems more possible that Pedro took the time off as a result of a setback, and isn’t likely to return this season. Admitting as such, however, would give other teams leverage in last-minute trade talks — if indeed there are any trade talks going on.
  • Before the Mets give up a warm body for someone like Jose Castillo as second base insurance, why not give Jake “The Rake” Gautreau a quick look? Gautreau was once mentioned in the same breath as Mark Teixeira, and may have been on a similar career path had he not been devastated by injuries and medical issues. Gautreau is batting .291 with a .522 slugging percentage in New Orleans, and is playing acceptable defense.
  • Speaking of the Zephyrs, Brian Lawrence is 7-2 with a 3.70 ERA, 1.12 WHIP, 46 Ks and only 7 BB in 72 innings covering 11 starts. So why is Mike Pelfrey making a spot start on Saturday vs. the Nationals? I guess it has something to do with the 40-man roster, or Lawrence’s options, but then what’s the point of having him down in AAA?
  • Scott Schoeneweis had pitched in five straight games without allowing a run before Saturday’s appearance vs. the Dodgers, and has had an excellent July. Is now the time to trade him to a team desperate for a lefthander, and perhaps watching his latest performances through rose-colored glasses? We know the good coming from him can’t last much longer, and he can’t help us at Shea — so why not deal him while his value may be at its peak? Think about it: his main purpose was to give the Mets an extra LOOGY against Utley and Howard of the Phillies — so as long as the Phils keep dropping in the standings, he means even less and less to the Mets (you don’t really believe he can be counted on for more full innings of relief, do you?).
  • Sometimes, you think you’ve seen something happen over and over, yet when you check the stats find out the numbers aren’t nearly as high as you thought. However, in this case, you’re eyes have not deceived you: Shawn Green and Paul LoDuca are running neck and neck for the team lead in GIDP — they both have eleven. You might have guessed that Carlos Delgado was in second place with 8, but guess who’s next at 7? Moises Alou — in only 110 at-bats.

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  1. isuzudude July 23, 2007 at 10:44 pm
    I also would have opted to start Lawrence over Pelfrey this season, starting with the outing in Philadelphia on July 1st. If he gets shelled a couple times, designate him for assignment and no harm done (see: Dave Williams). Perhaps they’re auditioning Pelfrey? I good couple starts in a row, and instead of being a second-rate prospect he becomes a young arm with experience. Then you send him and a couple other prospects to the Reds for Griffey or to the Astros for Berkman…or whatever would be fair value in return. From a numbers perspective you would figure Lawrence gives you a better chance to win at the major league level, so what else would you derive?

    I’m also all about trading Schoeneweis, but unless it’s too a team REALLY desperate for a left-hander, who’s going to take damaged goods worth $10.8 million through the 2009 season? It’s possible, but not probable. Plus, despite his struggles, it is still nice to have a third lefty in the pen. Feliciano’s arm would fall off if he were the only southpaw other than Wagner releiving for this team. Unless you’re replacing his arm with a top-flight set-up man, schoeneweis must stay. By the way, left-handed hitters are hitting just .200 against him for the season. Perhaps he’s more Mike Myers than Darren Oliver?

  2. joe July 23, 2007 at 11:09 pm
    Hey there’s an idea … how about The Show for Mike Myers ?
  3. Micalpalyn July 24, 2007 at 8:30 am
    Isu….I cant say isuzu anymore sorry & joe:

    1. endy: Endy creates an interesting problem. He is not an everyday player, but like Marlon he gives clutch late hits and can give rest to all 3 OFers. Carlos Gomez is my selection to do the same…eventually. But guys, again that goes back to the need to at least consider an extra OFer that fits…
    b. Mark Tex, is on the Atl radar and they have the spares to land him. if the event they do that increases the need for the Mets to increase their potency.

    2. On that note: Atl have Smoltz and Hudson. Davis (a Mets nemesis) and Carlyle. With Tex to go with the joeses, and Francouer they certainly would be a threat. Looking at the standings and our team I think we will be the top seed in the NL. But guess who is in the WC race? If I had to guess the playoff teams …Mets, Cubs, Dodgers, Braves. The Cubs I think can overtake the Brews. But I think Gallardo is the difference there. On the Cubs: Pinella is the difference.

    4. I’m off Sho’s case. The runs on Sat go to Willie Randolph. Sho pitched a fantastic 5th. In the 6th he was victimized by inability to field a Furcal bunt, a pitch hit by elbow (Piere), and a non-DP. and Smith’s inability to strand runners. On that note if you’ve noticed, joe smith is in my trade proposals (hopefully for Dotel/affeldt/Brian Fuentes…). BTW …Why not use Sele instead of Smith . I think Joe Smith ($$$) is being showcased too. The Mets want experienced relief help (in lieu of Padilla/Sanchez) also knowing new draftees Moviel and Eddie Kunz could be next year’s Joe Smith.

    5. Dont read too much into Pelfrey. this is a last chance to showcase him for a trade. Pelfrey had a chance to crack the rotation but now sosa, Lawrence, and Humber give the Mets depth so Pelfrey is ‘excess/expendable” consider that NEXT YR Mulvey will be getting oppurtunities to crack the rotation.

    6. Isu..U make a good point on arms ‘with ML experience being more valuable; Smith, Pelfrey, Vargas fit that bill. My hypothesis is that a team like Kansas who is rebuilding will lLOVE to give a former top 10 prospect a change of scenery (Pelfrey) ESPECIALLY noting how much an new oppurtunity has been handled by ex-met Brian Bannister.

    7. I agree on Jake. I think he could push Ruben. But right now he’d have to PH, sub etc before getting an official platoon.

  4. joe July 24, 2007 at 9:22 am
    1. With the idea that Endy may be gone longer than we thought, and Ricky Ledee still hanging around in AAA, I’m starting to be swayed by the idea to go out and get a cheap, experienced, OF alternative.

    2. I don’t want to think about Wild Card just yet.

    4. (3) Good for you. I’m still sitting on eggshells waiting for the Show to blow another one. I’d really like to see Dotel return, and have no problem offering a package that includes Smith. But then, we’d need to bring up Schmoll so Willie can show ’em a different look, right?

    5. I thought his LAST start was a last chance to showcase him?

    6. Would you trade Pelfrey and Smith for Dotel? Maybe we can squeeze Reggie Sanders out of them too.

    7. We gambled on Jake with the idea we’d catch lightning in a bottle. Well, let’s open the bottle and see what comes out.