Mets Game 100: Loss to Marlins

Marlins 8 Mets 5

This is not the kind of “fifty-fifty” that suggests hope or puts a windfall of money in someone’s pocket.

The Mets reach the century mark of the season with a perfectly even 50-50 record. Once again, stuck at the Flushing .500.

Mets Game Notes

Chris Capuano was cruising until the bottom of the sixth, when he suddenly became extremely hittable. I’m not sure what happened; his pitch count was only in the high 70s and into the 80s, so I doubt it was fatigue — though in the heat and humidity of Miami you never know. Perhaps it was just a case of the Marlins hitters figuring him out after seeing him a third time (plus three times earlier this week).

The game was still within the Mets’ grasp until the bottom of the 7th, when defensive miscues and Gaby Sanchez‘s second homer put the game away for the Fish. And then the Mets sneaked back into grasp with back-to-back homers in the ninth — by Jose Reyes and Lucas Duda.

For Duda, that was his first MLB homer of the season. About time, considering that young man’s obvious strength and big swing; it feels like he should have a dozen by now.

Jose Reyes had his 46th multiple-hit game. His second hit was a single up the middle off of Burke Badenhop in an at-bat where Reyes looked completely baffled and unable to track the baseball out of Badenhop’s hand. That’s the way his season is going — it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

Reyes and Justin Turner combined to go 6-for-9 with 4 runs scored at the top of the lineup.

Next Mets Game

The Mets and Marlins play the final game of their series on Sunday afternoon at 1:10 PM. Dillon Gee goes against Anibal Sanchez.

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  1. Joe July 23, 2011 at 11:18 pm
    “though in the heat and humidity of Miami”

    Given the temps here in NYC, wankers, I say.

    That was the second time in two days that David Wright made a dubious throw that would have been tough for someone who actually is good at playing 1st Base.

    Murphy, I can see, but DW has been over there for five or so years. It is about as aggravating as watching Bay and apparently now Pagan being an automatic out.

    The Mets seem to have games like this against the Marlins and Nats repeatedly every year lately — they can’t hit the starters (grind out two runs against a recent reliever here) and the other team manages runs in bunches.

    • Mike B July 24, 2011 at 1:34 am
      As fun as this team has been to watch compared to the last couple of years anyway, they still fail to put the dagger in. Would have loved to see the sweep the cards or win the first two of this series. These are the games that make you a 500 team or a 6-8 over 500 team which i believe the mets could be. But besides a 10 game winning streak on the road in 2006 this team hasnt had a good run in 10 years, very fustrating.
      • Joe July 24, 2011 at 7:25 am
        It’s hard for even good teams to sweep the likes of the Cards or even the Dodgers when there is an ace for a stopper. It’s hard to sweep even bad teams. But, how they lost yesterday was annoying for me.
        • Mike B July 24, 2011 at 10:07 am
          That was my point, I realize its not easy to to put the hammer down and sweep a team, but whenever we have the chance to we just give the games away.
        • Joe July 24, 2011 at 10:37 am
          Okay, but I still wouldn’t put sweeping the Cards on the same level as yesterday’s game. Sweeping the Cards is tough. Beating or playing better against a team with a worse record than you have is different.
  2. Izzy July 24, 2011 at 9:51 am
    Do you remember when Hersheiser was on the Mets. Old and worn down he was good for only 75 pitches. He has returned as Capuano.

    PS: So “shocking” (NOT) to see the return of the Wright bashing after two games back. Ah Met fans, bash your best and worship your 25th men.

    • Joe July 24, 2011 at 10:32 am
      OH was a useful addition to the team as is Capauno. Any back-end starter who consistently can give you six innings and keep you in the game for a low price to boot tends to be. Ah Mets fans. Guy gives you a good game nearly every start and after one bad one he’s just an old worn out man.

      Wright isn’t “our best.” Reyes and Beltran are our “best.” His hitting has been on the decline and again twice in two days he made bad plays in important situations. Criticism of so-called “best” making bad throws is not “bashing.” It’s criticism.

      And, what 25th man? The guy hitting over .300 for a long time now? What does that make Harris, Pridie, Hairston, Acosta, Carrasco, et. al.? 35th men? The reason such people are praised is that expectations are lower and if they do well, it is that much better. If one of your stars still has problems playing his position at key moments, it matters more. Top players deserve to be held to higher standards.

  3. Izzy July 24, 2011 at 4:32 pm
    Yes, that Wright is hitting in decline. He only played for several weeks with a broken back. Murphy would have whacked out all those singles with a broken back and all. Yeah, get on his butt for that. No doubt he’s finished at 27 or 28 but that Murphy who takes every bad at bat to the field, he gets an excuse for having a zero baseball IQ. It was pure genius on his part last night to try to backhand a bad throw instead of blocking it and saving a run and my oh my he shouldn’t have to catch those foul balls should he now after all there are much lesse hitters on the field who should be doing that while he fumes about his last out. But as for 25th man I wasn’t calling Murphy that although I could see where you thought that, but over the years the Met fnan blasts Wirhgt and Beltran and Reyes (until tihis year when he’s too good to blast) while loving those stars like M<ickeas and Pridie etc. Carlos goes to the Giants he will think he's in heavan or Iowa.
  4. Mic July 25, 2011 at 8:37 am
    Sorry izzy. My critique of dw is two fold. I felt he was a pariah while cb and reyes were perenislly crocked goats.
    Murph gets criticised ala wiggy and keppinger before them because they never develop a position as mets.

    Big difference with cappy is age. Orel’s sole purpose in 1999 was to get to 200 wins. Cappy is post a 2 yr recovery from what should have been career ending surgery. As a lefty toohe is a high value commodity. How much older is he than pel?….