Is the Mets Season Over? Kyle’s Stream of Consciousness

NOTE: this is a post by Kyle Schnitzer. Please address your comments to him.

If I were Terry Collins last night …

Imagine if you could be New York Mets manager Terry Collins for one day. You get to manage one game and participate in one press conference afterward. What would you say after last night’s game?

Being in attendance for last night’s game, I returned to a place I hate: Citi Field. Growing up, I used to think Shea Stadium was a piece of trash. But it was the Mets’ piece of trash, a part of me. Citi Field reminds me of an amusement park. There’s so much to do in the stadium, which is where the problem is.
At Shea, you never left your seat. Those with the best view were the smokers on the railing. But now, Citi Field has all these sites and features and too many food choices. When you’re watching on TV, it always looks like no one is at the stadium. Truth is, this stadium is the reason why people aren’t in their seats. I, on the other hand, returned to the amusement park to be lost by the drama of the game.

My hope was to get a Mike Stanton autograph. Long story short, I failed. Florida Marlins closer Leo Nunez threw a Sharpie back into the stands and the fan behind me dropped it, leaving a nice blue stain on my 1986 David Wright retro jersey. When that happened, I knew this game was going to be rough.

But wait, where is Daniel Murphy? Only the hottest hitter on the Mets, why is he out of the lineup? Oh it’s because Scott Hairston needed to get a start. Terry Collins has a soft spot for Hairston. I mean, he did hit 2 homeruns on Sunday. But you replace Murphy with Scott Hairston?

Ah — the Mets are starting Chris Capuano, who pitched a wonderful game. The second batter of the game, Omar Infante, launches a home run into the left field seats. Nothing new here, I expected the worst. But there was some hope, the Mets were facing the 22-year-old left-hander Brad Hand. In his last start, Hand surrendered 6 walks. But last night, with the Mets’ luck, he walks 1. He leaves the game with a no-decision.

Fast-forward to the top of the 9th inning; instead of using Pedro Beato to blow the game (fitting since Izzy and Parnell did it back to back nights, why not let the other closer make it a tri-fecta?), Terry Collins brings in Jason Isringhausen. We all want to see Izzy get his 300th save in a Mets uniform. But you’re telling me a guy who throws in the high 80s is going to close out your games to “groom” Parnell and Beato?

Well, Parnell doesn’t need to be groomed, Beato does. Parnell has been groomed for this gig the last 3 years, yet he’s never been given a real chance. The grooming process is bogus. This isn’t the Westminister Dog Show; it’s the 9th inning.

If I were Terry Collins last night, I’d have brought in Tim Byrdak to start the inning. Remember last week when he shut down Jay Bruce twice in two days? Logan Morrison isn’t a speck of what Jay Bruce is right now. Instead, Izzy pitches and walks Morrison to start the inning. Mike Stanton pops up, 1 out. I can see the finish line.

But the aging Mike Cameron makes an appearance in the box score; he gets a single (I thought it was a mirage). Then catcher John Buck gets plunked. Next, Bryan Petersen hits a weak ground ball to Justin Turner. Defending Turner, he had to charge the ball. But what he did after that had my section screaming, with parents holding their kids’ ears.

Turner fields the ball and freezes. He falls into John Buck’s trap. It should have been a tag on Buck and an easy toss to first base to end the inning. But instead he hesitated, threw the ball into the baseline wall, and the Marlins take the lead.

Why is Justin Turner still starting at second base? Since when has he done anything remotely memorable besides the occasional bloop single to right because he’s late on the ball? I would have preferred Murphy right there since we’ve become accustomed to seeing Murphy make the bone headed play; it would have been expected and accepted. Game over, the Mets never had a chance.

So if I were Terry Collins right there, I would have gone crazy in the dugout. How long has it been since the Mets have had a fired-up manager? Sure, Collins gets ejected once a month. But is it too much to ask to throw a Gatorade cooler and show a little Ozzie Guillen passion?

As we exited Citi Field, I looked around. The fans weren’t even angry. Losing in such a sloppy way has become a habit for the Mets. The fans know how to handle it and just move on.

Last night made me realize that the Mets season is over. And I’m happy it’s over now. There’s no way I can take another dragged out drama.

Kyle Schnitzer's biggest memory as a Mets fan is when Carlos Beltran went down on strike 3 against Adam Wainwright in game 7 of the NLCS. Since then, he hasn't expected much from the Mets. The new regime gives him hope. When he's not writing here, he's writing somewhere else, bussing tables, tweeting, or riding his bike. Follow him on Twitter: @dakyleschnitzer
  1. Joe August 3, 2011 at 8:59 pm
    Turner continuously does something productive with his at bats so your shot at him is unwarranted.

    I don’t want Murphy at second base. He needs to play the same position repeatedly to try to learn it. It is a bad idea to move him around. He has a hard enough time staying in one place. As to Murphy making the error, ha, since any number of players made errors of late to help ruin games.

    It was stupid to toss Izzy out there after he had such a long and tough inning the night before and you had Byrdak and Beato (and even Iggy) fresh in the pen. He has time to get his two more saves. We can accomplish that plus not have him blow the game.

    If we are going to be this defeatist, it’s depressing. If the team winds up with a worst record than last year, because who cares any more, the year is a waste. The Mets fans (no matter how many times Gary/Ron/Keith talked about the standings) knew the playoffs was a pipe dream. This year was about playing decent ball.

    The team was doing that, some bad games aside. Now, they are playing bad in streaks. I had enough of that b.s. I really don’t want YET AGAIN to see it.

  2. izzy August 3, 2011 at 9:16 pm
    Maybe if Alderson would stop playing his the fans are morons game and just say put up with the losing and the mostakes because we are rebuilding and kids make bonehead plays a lot… there wouldn’t be so much sanmgst. But when he pays the announcers to harp on endlessly about catching the Braves with a has been closer and a kid in right instead of a near HOFer and a kid at 2B and a guy a first with no IQ except in the batter’s box and a lousy pen and no first string catcher, this is what happens. We all know the team is mediocre and is going nowhere but Alderson and Cohen won’t let go of a pipe dream and Met fans are nothing but annoyed. Meanwhile, SNY ratings down 30% from last year. I guess a lot of fnas know Alderson and Cohen are full of some brown smelly stuff. Tell the truth Ivy league snot and we’ll leave Murphy and Turner and the gang alone….
  3. Mike B August 4, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    Well sports teams rebuilding is a joke, that is just not sports business anymore. they should keep who they want to build the team around and get rid of everyone else. I thought K Rod had to be done cause the money was a joke next year. But Beltran is a good fit for any winning team, he is not a player to build around but he is a piece of the puzzle you need to win championships. Like are we supposed sit here 3 years and see if wheeler and company have what takes to be a top of the rotation picher? 80 % of prospects dont anyway. Baseball has two types of teams, winning teams and irralevent teams. Which one do the mets want to be.