Blog Roundup: Happy Offseason!

Let the offseason begin!  With a disappointing, but could-have-been-worse kind of season behind them, the Mets and Team Alderson begin their first full offseason together.  What will happen to Reyes?  How will the Mets improve?  What about the Wilpons’ financial situation?

The Blogs have some thoughts:

  • LoHud Mets looks at some affordable free agents.  Could Blastings Thrillege return to Queens?
  • Rich Coutinho attempts to cut through the muck regarding Jose Reyes.
  • Mack’s Mets evaluates Jon Niese:  Why Jon’s nose may be the key to his success…
  • Mets360 says changing the Citi Field dimensions may increase homers, but not necessarily wins.
  • Metstradamus gives you a chance to vote on his seventh annual Hall of Hate ballot.
  • Daily Stache thanks his readers and shares what we all feel – blogging about the Mets makes the season more fun.

And the fun continues on Mets Today, as the Mets begin a pivotal offseason.

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  1. Joe October 4, 2011 at 3:30 pm
    “And lost in the discussion about moving in the fences is the impact it would have on the Mets’ pitchers. The team’s pitching staff was already tied for 8th in the NL in HR allowed (147).”

    This leaves me scratching my head too. Even if you get Santana back, probably not 100%, the Mets pitching will be pedestrian overall, so this will often help the other team more. The Mets don’t hit too many HRs away either.