Blog Roundup: Reyesmania!

The rumors, facts, innuendo, speculation, hand-wringing, and anxiety about Jose Reyes are at a peak.  It seems like every day some “reporter” quotes some “source” as saying Reyes has become a Miami Marlin.  However, he remains a free agent as of this posting.  Fan reaction runs the gamut from hysteria to anger to acceptance – and nothing’s actually happened yet.

The opinions of the Blogs also runs the gamut:

  • Paul Lebowitz says the Reyes to Marlins “report” that leaked on Sunday was a lie.
  • Metsblog says the Sandy Alderson and the mets have had discussions with Reyes’s agent.
  • Metszilla reports that the Milwaukee Brewers had a conversation with Reyes as well.
  • Amazin’ Avenue examines the opinion that the Mets should have traded Reyes at the deadline this year.
  • Rising Apple thinks the Mets could offer Reyes a back-loaded contract.
  • Real Dirty wants the Mets to level with the fans: Is this a full-blown rebuild?

The Reyes saga continues.  Follow it on Mets Today.

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  1. Timo November 15, 2011 at 5:20 pm
    6 years – 90 Mil. offered by Marlins. That’s 15 mil per year. So, the Mets could be in the running. Either way, one of our faces of the clubs for the past few years will be gone. If we sign Reyes than the Mets will trade Wright. If Reyes goes, than Wright stays (unless we get blown away by a trade, which is doubtful).