Blog Roundup: Done with Mirrors

The lonely, baseball-less days of winter are nearly over (in a baseball sense, anyway).  Soon the Boys of Summer will take to the fields of Florida and Arizona in preparation for the latest season of the greatest game on Earth.  Until then, enjoy some more offseason hand-wringing, and a couple of awesome videos.

Blogs aweigh:

So, for less (waayyy less) than the price of a cup of coffee, adopt Mets Today as your home for all things Metropolitan.

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  1. derek January 12, 2012 at 3:23 pm
    carrasco is also still on the mets b/c he can pitch…look at his career stats, most of which were in the al…he will bounce back…he can throw inn and has movement on ball…he will settle down in yr 2 in ny like alot of players do…you cant have to much pitching, injured OF are a dime a dozen…