Mets Game 134: Win Over Braves

Mets 7 Braves 1

Ahhh … that’s much better.

The Mets broke their five-game slide with a big win over the Braves, getting strong performances from several individuals.

In the series preview, I implored John Maine to throw a nine-inning shutout. To his credit, he came damned close.

Maine threw seven sparkling innings, allowing one run on three hits and three walks, striking out eight. I will admit a twinge of hope that he’d stay in for one more frame, but even I have to admit 112 pitches was probably the best you could get out of him.

In support of Maine, the Mets offense — the entire offense, not just D-Wright — finally showed up to the party.

The Mets scored first and kept scoring, with four unanswered runs in the first five innings, thanks to a three-run homer to dead center by Carlos Delgado and capped off by a solo blast over the rightfield fence by Jose Reyes.

The Braves finally broke through in the sixth, loading the bases with no outs on a single and two walks during a John Maine brain fart, and scoring a run on a Maine wild pitch. However, Maine regrouped in time to get harmless popups from Chipper Jones and Mark Teixeira and striking out Brian McCann looking. It was the turning point in the game, and a promising performance by Maine.

The score remained 4-1 until the top of the ninth, and with Billy Wagner warming up in the bullpen, the Mets loaded the bases with two outs and Aaron Heilman coming to the plate. Heilman was called back in lieu of Marlon Anderson, who once again stepped into the batter’s box wearing a red cape. He drove the first pitch he saw into the right-center gap, clearing the bases and putting the Mets up 7-1.

At that point, Wags sat down and Scott Schoeneweis closed out the game, allowing only a Brian McCann single.


Nice to see Reyes come out of his slump — he went 2-for-5 with a double in addition to the tater, and stole his 73rd base.

Delgado started to come alive in Philly, and has continued to stroke the ball with confidence — he also added a double to his day. He’s waiting on the ball again, letting it get deep, and driving it to all fields. The Mets need him thumping.

Carlos Beltran had a relatively quiet 2-for-4 day, scoring once.

Next Game

Mike Pelfrey pitches against Chuck James in a 3:55 PM start. As you probably figured out by the start time, it’s going to be televised by FOX. Personally, I was hoping to see Philip Humber get his first start, but maybe the eighth time will be a charm for Pelf. It would be great to see Pelfrey show something — his hard sinker could be very useful coming out of the ‘pen.

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  1. isuzudude August 31, 2007 at 9:41 pm
    Got a lot to say after this one…

    1. The Maine Attraction. Great performance. Only run scores on a wild pitch. Although that 6th inning was ugly, it was nice to see management not panic and leave him in to clean up his own mess. I also though it was nice to see him come back out for the 7th with 96 pitches under his belt, but thought after 112 it was the right time to pinch hit for him.

    2. However, sort of surprised they went with Heilman in the 8th. I wasn’t watching the game, but I kept track of it online. The Braves had the pitchers spot, Johnson, and Diaz due up in the 8th, and even with just a 3 run lead at the time, I thought the Mets should have gone with Schoenewis to start the 8th (Harris & Johnson) and then go to Sosa to get Diaz and whatever batters might follow. I would have saved Heilman for the save in the 9th. But when I saw Heilman enter in the 8th, I immediately thought 2 inning save. Yes, even after Thursday’s fiasco. And after a 1-2-3 18 pitch 8th inning, I though Heilman could have handled it, but luckily enough the Mets scored 3 more times in the 9th to make the point moot. Again, I didn’t watch the game, but was Wagner really warming up? You gotta be joking. He shouldn’t have even been at the ballpark on Friday. Thank God Marlon came thru and that tough decision was averted.

    3. Bobby Cox is a HOF manager, but he made some bone head moves in this one. The two that stand o
    ut most was removing Hudson after just 66 pitches in the 6th, pinch hitting with a guy hitting under .200, and then intentionally walking Lo Duca to get to Chavez with a RHP on the mound. Huh? Chavez walks to load the bases, and Anderson does his thing to blow it wide open. Is Bobby getting cenile in his old age?

    4. Phillies win again 9-2 in Florida. They’re a juggernaut right now and if the playoffs started tomorrow, they’d ride the wave right to the world series. Thankfully, the postseason is another month away, giving them plenty of time to cool back off and settle back into their more familiar role as underachieving wanabe’s.

    5. recap cites Pedro Martinez could be activated to start this Monday’s game at Cincinnati. Any truth to this rumor?Furthermore, would that be the wise thing to do – bringing him back at the bandbox in Cincy? I’d rather have his first start in the friendly confines of Shea – aka the Houston series a little later in September.

    6. Steve Trachsel’s back in the NL with the Cubs following a trade today. Chicago must really not want to make the playoffs.

  2. sincekindergarten September 1, 2007 at 5:48 am
    I heard Gary Cohen say, last night, that Pedro would be activated for Monday, if he felt good this morning.

    Saw that about Trax. Maybe Lou’s hoping that the Cubbies can put up more runs with Trax on the mound.

  3. Micalpalyn September 1, 2007 at 10:26 am
    Good stuff:

    as I said I think the Pedro release was as much a mulligan as anything. If (dear I say it) we sweep in Atlanta, then Pedro might wait. Even if he pitches I”d expect a limit.

    NOT SAID YET. As good as Wright ahas been Reyes picked up, especially with the HR. Delgado’s HR was huge, but credit to Beltran AND Alou for CLUTCH 2 out singles.

    Sho: Ok 6 run lead but he has shown alot of signs of usefullness.

    Bases loaded no outs. 1 run scores on a wild pitch. In other words Maine easily could have gotten out with no damage. other than the Tex big fly there were no hard hits either.