Game 46: Loss

Phillies 5 Mets 3

As expected, Jeremi Gonzalez was awful again, giving away the game in the first inning. Though he pitched “well” after the first inning, the damage had been done. Not even the heroics of “slugger” Jose Reyes, who hit another home run as well as a double and a single, could deter the loss to Brett Myers and the Phils, who held the Mets’ 3-4-5 batters to a combined oh-fer-eleven.

Thankfully, we won’t be seeing Gonzalez for a while, as he was DFA’d immediately after the game to make room for newly acquired Orlando Hernandez. Chances are, no one will be claiming him on waivers, and he’ll return to Norfolk in a week to join fellow incompetent Jose Lima.

In other news, the Mets picked up another arm for the bullpen, to eat up all the useless inning Jorge Julio used to handle. Dave Williams, a lefty who was traded for Sean Casey just a few months ago, was picked up in a DFA deal with the Reds. At only 27 years old, and capable of throwing a baseball with his left hand, Williams shows an inkling of potential. He’ll be assigned to Norfolk immediately, but may be up as early as next week, following Alay Soler’s next start. This is a no-loss gamble on the Mets part, not unlike their signing of Danny Graves last year. Who knows, he may help out a bit down the road.

Tomorrow it’s Pedro vs. Marlins. We better get two out of three this weekend.

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