Blog Roundup: 2-Out Rally Edition

The Mets have won two stunners in a row against the rival (still, I guess) Phillies.  First, a Jordany Valdespin homer off of Jonathan Papelbon helped them overcome a good start by Roy Halladay.  Then, a series of 2-out singles and some Phillies Phielding Phollies helped the Mets beat the red hot Joe Blanton 7-4.  What will they do for an encore in the final game of the series?  Maybe a two-out rally in the 9th?  Or maybe get a lead and hold it throughout the game – that would be novel.

Here’s some late-inning magic from the Blogs:

  • Metstradamus says the Phillies’ ugliness outweighed the Mets’ ugliness.
  • says Howard Johnson tweeted some heavy advice for Ike Davis.
  • Andrew Fiorentino reports that Wilmer Flores may finally be breaking out in the minors.
  • MMO wonders if Jenrry Mejia is nearing a spot in the Mets rotation, as he begins his rehab assignment season in St. Lucie.
  • Real Dirty Mets infamously tells us what the Mets and Aretha Franklin may have in common.
  • Daily Stache looks at the ball that bounced off of Mookie’s bat, between Buckner’s legs, and into an auction in Dallas.

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  1. Joe May 9, 2012 at 4:14 pm
    Lucas Duda is a funny guy

    BY Andy Martino

    Beginning to think that Lucas Duda is messing with us. From last night:

    Kevin Burkhardt: Lucas, just confidence-wise, especially because it’s against two lefthanders, what did that mean to you?

    Lucas Duda: Yeah, I mean. I kind of struggled through the first part of the season agianst lefties. Luckily the ball found some space, and I got a hit.

    Burkhardt: (laughter). You say that matter-of-factly. Both of them were pretty big.

    Duda: Yeah, you know. Guys got on, I swung the bat, hit the ball, and it was a base hit.

    Me: That’s true. That’s what happened.

    Duda: That’s what happened. You’re right.