Mets Game 60: Loss to Yankees

Yankees 4 Mets 2

The Mets tried to beat the Yankees at their own game, but fell two homeruns short.

Mets Game Notes

Dillon Gee was impressive, keeping the Yankees off-balance with all four of his pitches working well — both in terms of location and movement. Gee took the loss, but, gee whiz — you really couldn’t have asked for a better performance from a back-end starter against one of the most vaunted offenses in the world.

This game was all about the long ball, with each club clubbing two and five of the six runs resulting from homeruns. The Mets, however, simply couldn’t keep up the long-distance strategy.

The two bombs by the Mets came off the bats of David Wright and, of all people, Omar Quintanilla. Go figure. Those two men accounted for three of the Mets’ eight hits on the evening, as Phil Hughes kept the rest of the lineup in check.

Interestingly, the patient approach the Yankees are known for was not practiced in this game — they swung early and often at Gee’s offerings. Through eight times at bat, the Yankees saw only 121 pitches, which is a remarkably low number for any team, much less one whose bread and butter is working counts. I haven’t watched too many Yankees games this year so not sure if their approach has changed or if this in fact out of character. Meanwhile the Mets saw 152 pitches. Yeah, I realize these numbers mean nothing in relation to the final score, but I point it out because it seems unusual.

Net Mets Game

The final game of the subway series begins at 1:05 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Jonathon Niese goes against Andy Pettitte in a lefty vs. lefty matchup that will be broadcast on TBS.

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  1. gary s. June 10, 2012 at 12:15 am
    June swoon time folks.They should cut Torres and Bay tomorrow.Both are completely washed up.Pagan had a lot of holes in his game, but at least he had some game.Torres is a cipher.Nothing there.Ramirez is on DL.Nice trade Mr. Alderson.Starting to wonder if we will be over .500 when road trip ends.Despise interleague play.
  2. Lee June 10, 2012 at 12:51 am
    I’m sorry to rip on Torres again – but why, why, why is he playing?

    And I think it’s about time they just admit they lost out on Jason Bay.

    He’s not coming around. It’s been two years. Or three? It’s too bad – but it looks even worse by the day.

  3. mic June 10, 2012 at 4:35 am
    It makes no sense. This team is based on youth. Why is Torres taking time from Duda-Torres-Jordy? I think he has a role…possibly behind Hairston. As it is PT for Torres has messed up consistency for Kirk, Murph, and Duda whose place in the batting order has been over-messed with.
    Bottom-line I think we have to deal torres away.

    2. The loss of Baxter is one of those little things, but I think his injury has caused issues. He was the best leadoff hitter at that point and his PH role was stellar. Can Den-Dekker get a shot?

    3. The leadoff spot has been a bit of an issue, but hopefully Kirk will be left to adapt to that spot (and play CF). We need Tejada back tho. The infield was very good with him (or Cedeno) in there.

    4. I am very critical of TC. But I really liked his comments and support of Ike. I hope Ike can go to the all-star break. Take that as a pause to start his season over. Defensively IKE MUST play. DW would be an error machine without him….of course ditto to Murph.

  4. gary s. June 10, 2012 at 8:50 am
    Disagree on Ike.Two months of .160 has to buy you a ticket to triple a or you seriously have to question a teams desire to win.He has killed us all year.Plus Wright is not bouncing his throws this year.If Wright could recover his stroke i guess there is hope for Ike.Just not at the expense of winning any more games this year.Three runs in that bandbox in 2 games against so so starters.Bad sign.