Angels Swap Kendrys Morales for Jason Vargas

Is anyone else a little surprised at the news that the Angels traded slugger Kendrys Morales for Mariners lefthander Jason Vargas?

Long-time visitors of MetsToday know I’ve been a fan of Jason Vargas since he was in diapers. OK, maybe not THAT long, but the love affair goes back to his days with the Marlins. To this day I’ll never understand what he did to make the Mets sour on him; my best guess is he pitched through various injuries and is performance suffered as a result. In any case, he was basically a throw-in when the Mets gave up 38 players in a three-team deal that brought back Jeremy Reed (as well as Sean Green, and some other J.J. Putz). Vargas had a breakthrough season in 2010 and has improved each year since, spinning 217 innings and winning 14 games for a bad Seattle team in 2012. But is he so good that he can be traded straight-up for a beast like Kendrys Morales? I guess so.

I know, I know, we can’t dwell on the terrible trades made throughout Mets history — Jim Fregosi be damned. But when I think about what might’ve been, and what’s happened instead … well, I think it’s better to vent than keep it all bottled up inside.

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