Jenrry Mejia Out Six Weeks

Sometimes a slow news day isn’t so bad.

According to several reports, Jenrry Mejia has been shut down by the Mets due to elbow inflammation, and will not pitch for at least six weeks.

An MRI has revealed no structural damage, so the injury is somewhat of a mystery.

Anyone who has followed MetsToday for a while, and has read the many analyses regarding Mejia’s mechanics, should not be surprised at this news. Still, there is no comfort in seeing forecasts like this realized. When will MLB decision-makers wake up and realize there is something called “science” that can help them evaluate pitching mechanics and give their pitchers a better shot at remaining healthy? How many flamethrowers under the age of 25 have to flame out before someone stands up and says, “hey, maybe pitching coaches don’t know a friggin’ thing about human anatomy and complex principles of biomechanics and kinesiology”?

Seeking the advice and recommendations of surgeons was a step in the right direction, but that step is over a decade old and horrifically incomplete (surgeons are experts in surgery, and not necessarily athletic movement). Sadly, I’m certain there are a handful of MLB organizations who take kinesiology seriously, but they keep it a locked-tight secret for competitive advantage. Meanwhile, thousands of youngsters at every level of the game from pre-little league to MLB are using dangerous mechanics.

** end rant **

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