Link Roundup: Getting Ready for the Season

Practice baseball is almost over, and Opening Day is coming up on April 1st (no foolin’).

Several projections and previews are in, but we’ll never know what happens until the games are played, no?  My favorite projection is this one by Sports Illustrated for its even-handedness.  Also for this intriguing quote by a scout which is sure to fire up the haters on Twitter:

This spring, a scout praised manager Terry Collins for changing “that obnoxious culture that [former GM] Omar [Minaya] created…”

Speaking of haters on Twitter, a lot of us like to tweet with other fans during Mets games.  Daily Stache has a handy guide of Dos and Don’ts for those of you who are new to the Mets Twitterverse.  On an egotistical note, I agree with his list of people to follow, but I also humbly suggest you follow a certain @PaulJFesta as well.

Even though the season is four days away, there is still time for new acquisitions – as long as they can be had at bargain-basement prices.

In other news, VP of Business Operations Dave Howard left the Mets to join MSG.  Leaving the Wilpons to work for Dolan?  Is there more to this than what we see on the surface?

Also, Jay Horwitz was on the Today Show, and SI will have a piece on the promise and tragic end of a former Mets prospect.

Have a great week/weekend, and keep checking out Mets Today.


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  1. Dan B March 28, 2013 at 2:20 pm
    Are we doing our predictions for 2013 this weekend? I predict Izzy will not pick Alderson for GM of the year
    • Izzy March 30, 2013 at 1:43 pm
      He’s been so Amazin’ Dan I vote for him for GM of the Century! After all those great moves what else is fathomable. By the way Fred Wilpon is boiling and ready to fire the lordship for not letting Santana go to WBC . 31 million bucks lost due to Alderson.