Mets Game 69: Win Over Braves

Mets 4 Braves 3

The Mighty Mets take three of five against the bungling Braves.

Mets Game Notes

Short-term good news is the Mets win. Long-term bad news is Jonathon Niese exited the game due to a shoulder injury with one out in the fourth. We discussed the negative possibilities related to Niese’s shoulder tendonitis earlier this month, and I fear this latest chapter in his story could be a bad, bad thing. We’ll see.

As has been the theme in this never-ending series, the Braves beat themselves. If you go back to the MetsToday archives, you’ll read my criticism of Fredi Gonzalez‘s poorly prepared, fundamentally weak Florida Marlins clubs, and my further amazement that Gonzalez was so highly regarded by Bobby Cox and the Braves management. That amazement has not dulled — I still don’t get it. What is so special about Fredi Gonzalez? His teams are lazy and don’t execute. It’s similar to the Manny Acta / Connie Mackta phenomenon. I don’t know — maybe Gonzalez and Acta are simply really good conversationalists, and/or solid drinking buddies. Certainly, their ability to prepare teams to play Major League baseball is mediocre at best.

Credit the Mets for making less mistakes than the Braves to walk away with this win and a series win. You won’t see them winning like this very often, so savor it. Also credit David Wright for going yard twice, and the Mets bullpen for pitching a miraculous 5 2/3 shutout innings.

During the postgame, both Terry Collins and Bob Ojeda discussed the cold ballgames that Niese pitched in earlier in the season as a possible reason for Niese’s shoulder problems. Ojeda went so far as to describe how a cold wind could be the culprit. I hear nonsense like this and wonder if I’m in a time warp, and it’s the 1800s, and waiting to hear that the Mets medical staff will be applying leeches to Niese’s shoulder to extract the poisons running through it. Cold weather doesn’t cause injury by itself; if it did, then every pitcher that pitched in the same games in which Niese did would also be suffering injuries. Niese’s shoulder problems are due to mechanical errors and/or overuse. Not a cold draft / colpo d’aria — this isn’t Italy, for goodness sakes.

Another bizarre, borderline comical quote from Ojeda:

… the good thing is that the doctor didn’t push on one spot and bring tears to his eyes — didn’t do that so that’s a good sign.

Um, yeah, I guess? Though, I’ve definitely suffered extreme, debilitating injuries that didn’t cause me to cry — no matter what manipulation the doctor applied — but that’s just me. Maybe it’s a tear-duct thing.

Next Mets Game

The Mets begin a three-game weekend series in Philadelphia on Friday night at 7:05 p.m. Jeremy Hefner faces the Phillies against Cole Hamels.

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