Mets Game 118: Loss To Dodgers

Dodgers 5 Mets 4

Just when it looked like the Mets had figured out the steamroller known as the Los Angeles Dodgers, they were flattened.

Mets Game Notes

I watched from the sixth inning through the twelfth– my return from over-30 baseball wasn’t until 11:30 PM — so missed the fireworks from the juiceman and switched off the TV immediately after the beast known as Yasiel Puig crossed the plate to end the game.

Looking at the boxscore, it appears that Dillon Gee was rolling along until facing the Dodgers the third time through — what, do they follow a script? Still, Gee righted the ship and held on to the lead, continuing his remarkable string of effective outings — and he did it against a red-hot Dodgers lineup.

The key play of the game might’ve been Carl Crawford getting picked off first in the fourth, preceding a rally that could’ve turned out differently if LA had one more out to work with. The replays showed that the first base umpire botched the call, but, when the runner commits toward 2B and is so obviously fooled, it’s really tough not to call him out if the play is as razor-close as that was — it’s not unlike a throw beating a runner being an automatic out, even if the tag is not applied.

What more must Andrew Brown do to get more regular playing time?

Did anyone else gasp when Carlos Marmol connected on what turned out to be a long fly ball in the bottom of the tenth?

I would have watched the entire game and provided better commentary, but I need to prep my CEO for Bloomberg on Thursday morning (she goes on at 2:15 PM, on “Money Moves,” if you are interested in wine investing), and, well, sleep is more important than thoroughly evaluating a team that won’t be playing meaningful games in September. Please fill us in with your comments and get the conversation going. Many thanks.

Next Mets Game

The Mets continue their left coast swing by playing the Padres in San Diego. Game one begins at that lovely 10:10 PM time. Shoot me. Zack Wheeler faces Tyson Ross.

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  1. TexasGusCC August 15, 2013 at 2:59 am
    Anyone that thought after Ethier’s homerun that the Mets had a chance was seriously kidding themselves. All the air went out of the balloon as our only productive hitter had three straight strikeouts and the other hitter that had three hits had to be double switched for a crappy player. Of course! Take out one of the two hitters that has three hits in a tied game!

    The Mets can battle with teams that are around .500, but don’t have the ammunition to play with the big boys and they have earned their record. We will be watching September games to see Flores at second, d’Arnaud stay healthy, Lagares trying to take a walk, and the starting pitching. Brown won’t play, Satin won’t play much, and Collins will impress us with his matchups.

  2. DaveSchneck August 15, 2013 at 9:35 am
    I can’t agree more regarding Brown. The Mets are now ten below .500 missing their best player and closer, with their best young pitching on innings limits. The management approach is officially nuts, even if they sweep San Diego. I disagree that the Sept. games are meaningless, they mean a lot if they are used to evaluate players for spots on the 2014 team, and they mean a lot to determine who has a protected #1 pick next year. Byrd needs to be dealt and Brown needs to play every day. Not that he is the cleanup hitter they are looking for, but for a spot on the 2014 team. He has pop and a strong arm. Also, get d’Arnaud up immediately, and cut this nonsense about subbing during maternity leave. This kid has nothing more to do in Vegas. Are they protecting Anthony Recker or something? Gee whiz. Barring Harvey blowing out his arm, nothing can possibly be worse than finishing with vets, while kids watch, having a crappy record but being just good enough to not get a protected pick (a la 2012).
    • NormE August 15, 2013 at 11:22 am
      I agree, Dave. Sometimes I think that TC is placing his own self-interest (new contract) above the developmental interests of the team.
      • Sidd Finch August 15, 2013 at 12:14 pm
        He’s been doing that all season. I’ve read where he wants to keep playing the vets in September. If that’s upper management’s call then its an even worse decision. The Mets should get busy making waiver wire deals instead of trying to grab a few more W’s in a meaningless season. Instead there should be a “kiddie korps” invasion this September at Citi Field.

        The only thing possibly gained by keeping and starting Byrd, Buck, EYJr, and Q would be adding a couple more W’s to the final ledger-which is meaningless, except to the Wilpon’s and TC. The former obviously feel that a strong September creates the illusion that the team has momentum going into 2014, which is laughable. The latter cares more about saving his job then the future of this franchise. None of those four above mentioned players should be on the roster, let alone in the opening day line-up next April.

        I’ve changed my mind on Abreu and feel they would send a message not only to the Marlins and Nats, but all of MLB if they signed him.

        • DaveSchneck August 15, 2013 at 12:26 pm
          I get the momentum thing…finishing at .500 or slightly above has some value to the Met brand given its recent history of deterioration. However, that ship has sailed. Mets need a cleanup hitter fro outside the organization, but Brown has a legit shot at being part of a corner OF platoon in whichever corner has not been upgraded.
        • TexasGusCC August 15, 2013 at 7:39 pm
          I have pondered the question “Why is Alderson allowing this?” The reason did not hit me immediately as I guess I chose to be blind to it, but, Alderson does not give a -hit about the Mets. He is doing whatever Wilpon tells him to do.
          – Wilpon wants him to run the team as if it was the Twins.
          – Wilpon likes Collins and so he will not change him, NO MATTER WHAT. Now, it is Wilpon’s team.

          As logical as it seems that Buck should be on the bench by next week for good. Brown should have already started playing more, so send Baxter down to get him out of here, and Collins should be told what the team wants and he can be in or out right now, it’s just not happening. Flores was supposed to go to second, but he got hurt.

          Tough noogies on you and me.

        • NormE August 15, 2013 at 7:44 pm
          Tough noogies? That’s not a Texas expression, is it? I thought it was a New Yorkism.