Mets Game 123: Win Over Twins

Mets 6 Twins 1

This time, the cold weather and snow didn’t affect playing conditions as the Mets “swept” the Twins.

Mets Game Notes

Technically it’s a sweep, but it didn’t feel like one. Eh, whatever. This interleague nonsense is, well … nonsense. And a devious ploy to gradually insert the designated pinch-hitter into every single MLB game, regardless of league. / Off soap box.

Dillon Gee was dealing, going 7 2/3 innings and allowing only 6 hits, 1 walk, no earned runs, striking out 9 and expending a very efficient 99 pitches. He had good command of the change-up — which he often used as a strikeout pitch — and good 12-6 bite on the curve. When he has both of those off-speed pitches working, he’s a tough customer and fun to watch.

More atrocious defense, and more equally atrocious official scoring. In the bottom of the third, Clete Thomas was credited with a “hit” on a play that was so blatantly an error, even Mets ultimate cheerleader Gary Cohen openly criticized the official scorer’s call — repeatedly. It was a routine ground ball toward the area where a typical MLB second baseman plays. But, Daniel Murphy was stationed in his softball-like, short-field position in shallow right field, and he couldn’t charge the ball in time, AND he threw the ball away. Hit? Really? Reallllllly? Really? The very next batter, Ike Davis made a nice diving stop, but instead of throwing to second base to get the lead runner — who would’ve been out by a mile — he jogged to first base to get the batter-runner. The scoring was fine on that play, but the decision to go to first was egregious; had the score been close, it could’ve been the difference in the ballgame. Yet another head-shaking defensive blunder by Davis, who has to start showing something positive really soon to be considered for the 2014 roster.

In the fifth, Andrew Brown was awarded a “hit” when his routine grounder to shortstop was mishandled by Pedro Florimon, who made the bizarre decision to bare-hand the ball instead of using the leather on his left hand. Clearly and unquestionably an error, but, scored a hit. This has nothing to do with “home team scoring” — it’s the MLB way.

In another horrendous official scoring call earlier in the ballgame, Juan Lagares was given a hit on a ball that got stuck in the webbing of third baseman Trevor Plouffe‘s glove. Really? Plouffe made a diving stop, so I guess that’s why it was scored a hit, but it’s still ridiculous — it was a play that a Major Leaguer should make.

Speaking of Lagares, and in contrast, the young center fielder made several nice plays, playing a very shallow center, and doing an excellent job of judging fly balls and getting to them.

Interesting point by Cohen early in the game: Travis d’Arnaud is listed as 6’2″, 225 lbs. — per the Mets Media Guide. According to ESPN and, he’s listed as 6’2″, 195. Hmm … he doesn’t look that tall, and big, on TV — which, supposedly, adds size. From the perspective of my flat-screen living-room TV, he looks about 5’10″, 5’11″ to me. But then, seemingly everyone in MLB is 6’3″ and above, so maybe he just looks smaller because of all the giants on the field.

Was it really necessary to bring in Scott Rice in the 8th to do the matchup thing and preserve a four-run lead? To me it looked like Minnesota was mailing it in by that point. Pedal to the metal, baby.

Thanks to the designated pinch-hitter, Andrew Brown started, and went 2-for-4 with a walk and a RBI. We’ll see him start again in mid-September, I suppose.

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Mets return to Flushing to start a series with the first-place Braves on Tuesday night at 7:10 PM. Zack Wheeler faces Brandon Beachy.

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