Bedard on the Trading Block

The Orioles are heavily shopping young lefty Erik Bedard and hoping to get at least a bag of balls in return.

Baltimore is desperate to trade Bedard, who is eligible for arbitration this winter and could become a free agent after the 2008 season.

This bombshell came straight from the mouth of GM Andy MacPhail, in a Q&A interview with the Baltimore Sun:

(Sun): Would exploring a contract extension for ace Erik Bedard be a priority before entertaining trade offers for the pitcher?

(MacPhail): Twenty-eight-year-old left-handers that are as dominant as he was over the course of the season are hard to come by. … I am responsible to listen to other clubs and see what they have in mind and what would make sense. I don’t think that this franchise is in a position just to categorically reject anything without considering it. We’ve already had sort of preliminary conversations on an [extension] with his representative, but nothing specific. Clearly, it’s something that interests us.

If that’s not a cry for help! trade with me! then I don’t know what is. An executive close to the situation in Baltimore and familiar with someone who owns a few Cal Ripken baseball cards (and requested anonymity) told me that Bedard, Brian Roberts, Ramon Hernandez, and Miguel Tejada could be had by the Mets in return for Carlos Delgado, Ruben Gotay, and Guillermo Mota, and that Tejada would be open to a transition to first base. The key to the deal, he says, is slipping a “mickey” into Andy MacPhail’s drink, beating him over the head with a baseball bat until near death, and then blackmailing him with Photoshopped pictures of him with Alex Rodriguez and a buxom blond in a prominent Canadian gentlemen’s club (my source believes suitable photos are readily available on the ‘net, and that an unemployed graphic artist could handle the dirty work of inserting MacPhail into the picture).

What do you guys think? Should the Mets pull the trigger? I’m not sure Tejada can make the switch, and what will we do about the hole in the bullpen left by Mota?

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  1. Micalpalyn November 5, 2007 at 1:35 pm
    Sounds like you need a drink.
  2. isuzudude November 5, 2007 at 1:59 pm
    HAHA! I love it! You could do a spoof column for the Post or Newsday and go by the pseudonym Joe Sarcasm. Rave reviews!
  3. joe November 5, 2007 at 2:27 pm
    I swear if I see one more idiotic “rumor” then there will indeed be a regular post under the category of Sarcastic Conjecture or something to that effect.
  4. sincekindergarten November 5, 2007 at 5:08 pm
    Look, I may have been born at night . . .

    . . . but it wasn’t last night.

    Good spoof, though.

  5. isuzudude November 6, 2007 at 9:32 am
    OK, I think we’ve now reached a new all-time low.

    Again, like you’ve said Joe, it’s’s perogative to post every rumor floating around that involves the Mets, regardless of the credibility of the source, but now it’s getting ridiculous. There are two posts made Tuesday morning that I find appauling.

    1. There’s “buzz” that the Mets will make a monster offer to Jorge Posada, as cited from an article by Ken Rosenthal. Rosenthal makes that claim despite contradicting an Omar quote that says he’s optimistic about re-signing Lo Duca. Rosenthal suggests the Mets throw 5 years and $70-mil at Posada. Is he drunk? Has he lost his mind? With so many cheaper options available this offseason (Hernandez, Torrealba, Lo Duca, Kendall, Barrett), why does he think the Mets will grossly overpay for a 37 year old catcher who has never played one inning outside of the american league? To take it a step further, why would metsblog consider this as “buzz?” More like “crap” to me. The blogger adds in his own words…

    “omar clearly believes that the Mets need posada’s pride, focus, leadership and experience…” How in the world does he know that? Has he spoken to Omar? Is he eavesdropping outside of the door of the room where the Mets hold their organizational meetings? To use the word “clearly” suggests something without a shadow of a doubt. Well, if this issue is so clear, then if Posada isn’t a Met by April, then CLEARLY you are spreading outlandish rumors with absolutley no facts to base your claims on.

    He adds later in the article: “my sense is that, given last year’s failure, and all that is riding financially on the next two seasons, the Mets are not all that concerned with life next decade…next year is what matters most…” He’s assuming the Mets woke up this offseason and finally realized, oh wow we have our own TV network and a new stadium opening in 2009…let’s spend crazy! Um, no. If they wanted to sacrifice the next decade to win now, they would have gone out and acquired Gagne, Dotel, and Nathan at the trading deadline to upgrade their piece-of-crap bullpen, giving away all their prospects in the process, and they also would have signed Soriano and Matsuzaka last offseason. But even though they’ve remained relatively conservative with their spending and player acquisitions the last 2 years, somehow leading into 2008 the Mets are going to throw caution to the wind and sign EVERY big-time free agent to MONSTER contracts just because they don’t want a repeat of 2007. Give me a break. Are we really expected to take metsblog seriously after this?

    2. More or less, there’s an article about an writer who says the Mets are becoming a favorite to land Arod and bases his opinion on “significant polling” done by the Mets that has revealed their fans want the team to sign Arod. Please, stop the insanity. First of all, the polls were conducted by metsblog, who have no official affiliation with the Mets whatsoever. Secondly, since when do teams base their transactions on what the fans want? This post screams of shameless self-promotion by metsblog, and pure lunacy by How about conduct a poll of the fans of every team on whether they want Arod, and then list every team as a favorite whose fans would like to see Arod play for them. That list should only be, what, 26 teams long?

    I can’t wait until free agents actually start signing with teams, so REALITY can start to sink in once again.

  6. Micalpalyn November 6, 2007 at 12:35 pm
    My emotions were hit yesterday, now its my funny bone.

    1. the Posada projection is just dumb. Omar has been here 3 yrs, anyone can see that he is very level headed with his projections. He has built the framework of a team that should not go the way of the SP follies which raped the farm for one-two years of questionable service. I think Omar has a list of the top 3-5 catchers with LoDuca 2nd or 3rd. Omar MAY overpay no fill a big hole but i dont see any catcher out there meeting that criteria. In fact i dont know if there is another Irod caliber catcher available. Posada definately is not worth a 5 yr contract.

    2. iICAN see an Arod signing IF the price is right, and he thinks we will be a better team. BUT AROD (who has put up Monster numbers in 4 yrs as a Yank) has won nothing despite his addition to a team with 4 WS rings in the previous 8 yrs. Basically even Arod does not guarantee a championship team.