Tigers Trade Prince Fielder

According to various sources, the first blockbuster of the Hot Stove season has been made: the Rangers have agreed to trade Ian Kinsler to the Tigers for Prince Fielder.

How does this affect the Mets, if at all?

First off, this means Prince Fielder will not be acquired by the Mets — if there was ever a chance of it. Though, Cecil Fielder is still available.

Secondly, this deal likely ends all fantasies that focus on Jurickson Profar and/or Elvis Andrus being traded to the Mets. With Kinsler gone, there’s now room for both youngsters in Texas’ middle infield.

Also, this may or may not mean that there’s a better chance Jhonny Peralta will not return to Detroit. With Kinsler in place, the Tigers no longer will be in the market for a second baseman. They might have considered bringing back Peralta to play there — who knows? With one less team in the bidding for Peralta, maybe the Mets could throw their hat in the ring.

On the other hand, with Fielder off the books, the Tigers now have some cash to spare — to spend on a big free-agent perhaps. Perhaps, perhaps … Robinson Cano? It wouldn’t shock me to see Detroit become players in the Cano sweepstakes, moving Kinsler to another spot. Kinsler was originally drafted as a shortstop, and seems athletic enough to play a corner spot.

Surely, the Tigers will be making more moves. That in itself could mean something regarding the Mets.

What’s your thought? Do you see this blockbuster deal affecting the Mets in any way? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. crozier November 20, 2013 at 11:43 pm
    “First off, this means Prince Fielder will not be acquired by the Mets.”

    Thank goodness for that. Fielder has been fantastically durable for eight years, over which he’s missed 11 games. But he’s huge and 29, so he has – what? – two good years left? It’s surely all downhill from here, right?

    Never mind. I’m not the right person to comment on this; I lack imagination when it comes to what the Mets might do. I await argonbunnies’ analysis.

  2. DanB November 21, 2013 at 12:46 pm
    How does Detroit afford these players? Met jokes a side, seriously, how do they generate the revenue to pay these salaries? If the Mets did have the money that even mid market teams do, they could wipe up this offseason. Look how undervalued players with large salaries are.