Yankees Sign Jacoby Ellsbury

If you were dreaming of sugarplum fairies and a Flushing outfield grazed by Jacoby Ellsbury, you at least still have the fairies.

Ellsbury agreed to sign with the New York Yankees (gasp! visions of Johnny Damon!) for 7 years and $153M. Wow.

I don’t think the Mets were ever in play for the speedy, multi-talented, oft-injured centerfielder, but, nonetheless, there were many fans bidding for his services in their own minds, and those thoughts are now squashed by the mighty Yankees, who clearly care less about a potential luxury tax. And how can you blame them? They do have the advantage of operating their business in the largest big-market in baseball.

Oh, wait …

In other Bronx banter, the Yankees are reportedly on the cusp of signing second baseman Kelly Johnson, presumably as insurance against the possibility of Robinson Cano cash-strapping another organization. The Bombers have also signed RHP Brian Gordon to a minor-league deal, and could still be in play for Carlos Beltran (as well as Cano).

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, there is buzz that the Yankees are also making overtures to Omar Infante and Nelson Cruz — two players who could also be on the Mets’ target list and might actually fit into their miniscule budget.

Your reaction to this stunning news? Tee off in the comments.

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  1. DanB December 4, 2013 at 8:54 am
    More interesting to the Mets is not the Ellsbury signing (large market signings are irrelevant) but the 2B Kelly Johnson signing by the Yanks for $2.75 Million. That is the market value for backup infielders?
  2. TexasGusCC December 4, 2013 at 11:02 am
    This is the first time I can remember the Yankees aver calling the bluff of a player. Cano to play in Seattle?? He was squeezing the Yankees, and now they are squezzing back. Kelly Johnson also has played a lot of outfield.
  3. DanB December 4, 2013 at 2:34 pm
    The Yankees essentially called Jeter’s bluff last contract, telling him to get a better offer from someone else.