Corey Hart Signs with Seattle

According to various reports, 1B/OF Corey Hart — a rumored target of the Mets — has agreed to sign a one-year deal with the Seattle Mariners.

Hart had reportedly wanted to stay in Milwaukee, but the Brewers, apparently, weren’t willing to give him whatever Seattle has guaranteed — be it playing time or money, or whatever. There is talk that Hart’s ties to Jack Zduriencik (who originally drafted Hart while working for the Brewers) and the Robinson Cano signing factored into the decision. Regardless, that means Milwaukee is likely looking for a first baseman, as their current in-house option is flawed Juan Francisco. There has been buzz that the Brewers have interest in Ike Davis, and the Mets, supposedly, asked for young righthanded fireballer Tyler Thornburg, who split 18 MLB appearances last year as a starter and reliever. So far, no word on the Brewers pulling the trigger on that deal, as they consider other options, such as James Loney (via free agency) and, Mitch Moreland, Justin Smoak, and other first-baggers reportedly on the block.

Oh, and Smoak is likely to be jettisoned because Seattle also acquired Logan Morrison from Miami — in return for flamethrowing reliever Carter Capps. Though, it is possible that Smoak is part of some kind of rotation with Hart and Morrison, both of whom are capable of playing corner outfield spots. The Adulterated League most likely will continue to experiment with the Designated Pinch Hitter, which creates another opportunity to cram all these bats into the lineup.

If the Mets can’t move Davis to Milwaukee, where else might they move him? Hard to say. There are some rumblings that the Rays are interested, since they don’t seem interested in re-signing Loney.

What’s your thought? Do you think the Mets should’ve signed Hart? Will they have a taker in Davis? Should they check in with Seattle and see what the price is for Smoak? Answer in the comments.

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  1. DanB December 11, 2013 at 7:24 pm
    Since the Mets just signed Colon (2 year, $20 mill), gotta think the Mets will trade Davis to someone. (Even if you hate the Colon deal, it has to be a good sign they spent the money). Off topic — Joe what did you think of MLB’s new rule to ban home plate collisions?
    • argonbunnies December 11, 2013 at 7:46 pm
      I actually like the Colon deal! Similar numbers to Arroyo, and presumably much cheaper. The Mets will need to catch the ball, though. Trade for Gregorius?
    • Joe Janish December 11, 2013 at 9:38 pm
      Dan, I hadn’t seen the new rule until you mentioned it. Thanks, I just threw up.

      What’s next? No more contact at 2B on double play attempts? Facemasks for infielders? L screen placed in front of the pitcher’s mound?

      It’s one more rule change to motivate me to stop watching MLB altogether. As soon as BeelzeBud forces the DH on NL teams, I’m out.

  2. argonbunnies December 11, 2013 at 7:44 pm
    No interest in Hart or Smoak.

    Have you ever seen Capps pitch? Seems like he’s had trouble putting it all together, but his stuff is ridiculous. Dunno if I’ve ever seen another near-sidearm 99mph other than from Randy Johnson. Nice upside gamble by the Marlins.

    The Brewers shouldn’t be too desperate for Ike, as Juan Francisco is “a guy you can’t make a mistake to” (Wheeler). Kidding aside, any less than Thornburg (a walk-prone K machine in the minors) for Ike would be a waste. Better to pay $4 mil for another shot at Ike figuring things out than simply give him away.