Relief Option: Luis Vizcaino

This from Kat O’Brien, the Yankees’ blogger at Newsday:

“I talked to Luis Vizcaino’s agent, Bean Stringfellow, a little while ago. He said of Vizcaino: “He made a point to me that he does like New York.” However, he said nothing is imminent and that he is also talking to the Mets, White Sox, Royals and Dodgers, along with the Yankees. Stringfellow also believes that Vizcaino can get a 3-4 year contract along the lines of Scott Linebrink, who inked a four-year, $19-million pact with the White Sox. At those dollars, the Yankees are likely to be out.”

Count the Mets out, too. Vizcaino looks like a nice idea for, say, a two-year deal AT MOST, but after being “Torre-ized” last year, I’d be hesitant to offer anything more. We’re already stuck with The Show and nearly had to find out how long two years could be courtesy of Guillermo Mota.

All the more reason not to be dealing Aaron Heilman in any deals this winter. If Luis Vizcaino thinks he can demand a ridiculous Scott Linebrink contract, then it may make more sense to horde middle relievers than anything else.

Look at it this way — the demand for setup men has become so insane that Kip Wells is now being marketed as one. I think I’d trade a closer before a reliable 8th-inning guy like Heilman — a closer is easier to find.

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