Mets Game 49: Win Over Diamondbacks

Mets 4 Diamondbacks 2

Mets bounce back to beat the Snakes and avoid a sweep.

Mets Game Notes

The tail end of the double-dip was very similar in plot to the day’s earlier contest. The main difference was that the Mets had a few hits when they needed them. Though, if you saw the game, you know they also didn’t come through several times — with more timely hitting, this easily could’ve been a rout for the Mets.

Firing up the grill seemed like a better plan than paying close attention to this ballgame, so I’m cutting it off here. If you have more to add, please do so in the comments.

Next Mets Game

Mets and Pirates begin a three-game series in Flushing tomorrow at 1:10 PM. Jacob deGrom faces Brandon Cumpton.

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  1. Bat May 26, 2014 at 8:27 am
    I know it’s common to see Mets fans ripping Terry Collins, but I’ve never had a huge problem with him. Since he became the Mets manager, he has not been a great manager, but not terrible either.

    But the last month or so I don’t understand what this guy is doing and am starting to wonder if he should be replaced.

    Some examples of his baffling decision-making:

    (1) The Lagares decision. Sits him, and basically says he’s in a slump. But he’s the best outfielder the Mets have. Clearly defensively the best, but arguably offensively the best as well. But clearly the best outfielder at this point in the season.

    (2) Tejada / Flores. They recall Flores, and Collins says Flores will get the bulk of the playing time. Yet then he insists on playing Tejada most of the time and saying he’s swinging the bat or something like this. Flores gets sick a few days and then you just change plans on playing time for the newly-recalled 22 year old shortstop in a heartbeat?

    (3) Bullpen management. Yesterday’s doubleheader is a perfect example. Everyone is worried about whether Meija’s arm can withstand the rigors of the bullpen. And further more generally Collins is always falling in love with a couple relievers and using others only sparingly or not at all. So today? In both games of the doubleheader, Edgin, Familia, and Meija pitch. Where is Vic Black? You were able to recall him for one day under the MLB extra player rules for a doubleheader, so why not see if he looks on this one day? Instead we need to pitch three guys in both games even though we have Black up for only a single day? Again, why not get a look at him against a last place team like the Diamondbacks? And even if MLB rules didn’t allow an extra player, shouldn’t the Mets be mindful of the health of their relievers and most specifically Parnell? Collins is always burning out one or two guys and ignoring at least half of the bullpen.

    Does Collins need to go? I am not one to call for the ax but I confess I am baffled by a lot of his moves and am losing confidence he is the right guy to lead the team. But if he is shown the door, who is the right selection as replacement? Backman as interim and then see how he does and you can either retain him or look at other candidates in the winter?

    • argonbunnies May 27, 2014 at 3:25 am
      I thought Terry’s explanation — that Lagares needed a few days to fix his swing/approach — would have been fine if it were true. But if it were true, then Granderson should have sat for a similar period in April, Chris Young in May, etc. When you have a strategy that you only apply to kids, then something’s wrong — either it’s an excuse and not a strategy, or it’s a strategy that you don’t have the guts to apply to veterans.

      Terry seems like a pretty tough and fearless personality, but man, I don’t remember any players with any leverage doing anything they didn’t want to do in their time here. Reyes cheating the crowd out of the final day of 2011 still stings.

      As for the bullpen management, I feel like it’s gotten worse as the season’s gone along. Some of those early multi-inning stints were very useful, but now I guess we’re seeing that it was only out of perceived necessity, and that Terry prefers to follow the modern manager’s 1-inning habit.

      Agreed on the foolishness of sitting Flores, a kid who was called up because he’d been red hot.

  2. Dan B May 26, 2014 at 9:21 am
    Bat, while I have never been a Collins supporter, don’t you think the Flores and Lagares playing time is being decided by the front office? Neither player appears to be Alderson type players. It would also explain Alderson’s continual support of Collins.
    • argonbunnies May 27, 2014 at 3:29 am
      Alderson decided to call Flores up. Presumably Alderson wanted him to play. It was Terry’s decision to sit Flores when Tejada hit the ball hard for a few games — when reporters asked him about how long Flores would rot on the bench, TC said, “Ask Sandy; while Ruben’s hot, I’m playing him.”

      Shortly after that, Flores was back in the lineup. I assume Sandy butted in, but only eventually and because he had to. Remember, Sandy’s old-school in many ways — I think he respects the custom of “manager as field general” and tries not to micromanage Terry.

  3. Bat May 26, 2014 at 11:20 am
    It’s a good point Dan. I suppose I never even considered that Alderson, DePodesta, Ricciardi, Ricco, etc. are so foolish as to instruct Collins to sit Lagares on the bench every day when he is off the charts defensively and slightly above average offensively.

    It’s definitely worth considering though…maybe the front office is to blame.

  4. meticated May 26, 2014 at 5:12 pm
    Hudgens toast. …Johnson is hung…
  5. Bat May 26, 2014 at 8:40 pm
    Valverde also toast….