Mets Game 65: Loss To Brewers

Brewers 3 Mets 1

Mets lose by only two, but really, it could have easily been a loss by a much larger margin.

Mets Game Notes

Jacob deGrom continues to search for his first MLB win. Not yet time to start harking back to Anthony Young, though. He’s a competitor, and a battler, but not so sure he’s as great as he looked in his first few starts. I like him.

Wily Peralta overpowered the Mets hitters with his heavy fastballs and slinky slider. He didn’t seem all that outstanding to me, though, mainly because he couldn’t always locate away from the middle of the plate and he doesn’t have a true offspeed pitch. I think the lack of skilled hitters in the Mets lineup made him look better than he is.

A symbol of what should be valued in today’s post-PEDs-era ballgame (and was valued in the pre-PEDs era): Scooter Gennett in the third inning. First off, prior to the 1990s, every ballclub had a guy with a name like “Scooter” — where have all the nicknames gone? But I digress … Gennett rapped a grounder down the third base line, and, seeing an opportunity to stretch a single into a double, did so against the weak arm of Curtis Granderson. Two points right there: Gennett’s aggressiveness, and Grandy’s weak arm. Gennett then advanced to third on a fly ball to center by Ryan Braun. After meandering off the base upon contact, Gennett quickly and properly judged the liner to be caught early enough to get back to 2B and head to third. He then scored the first Brewers on a groundout to short. An important point here: Gennett is NOT a speedster, he’s merely a “heads-up baserunner” — a quality that has been all but forgotten over the past 20 years.

Another little thing: with men on second and third, and none out in the fifth, Carlos Gomez tapped a grounder to Daniel Murphy. The ball was hit so slow, Ryan Braun was scoring from third no matter what. But, Lucas Duda went after the ball as well, and shouldn’t have, and Jacob deGrom didn’t fully intend on covering first, and his brief hesitation resulted in being too late to cover first to get Gomez. As it turned out, it didn’t matter as the Brewers didn’t score again that inning, but had it not been for a liner snared by Ruben Tejada on the following play, the mistake could’ve cost the Mets at least another run, if not more.

Guess what? Little things like heads-up baserunning, good reads on the bases and in the field, arm strength of outfielders, etc., etc., are incredibly important now that we don’t see multiple homeruns every game.

The Brewers have some hackers, eh? Gomez, Aramis Ramirez, and Khris Davis all swing from their heels on nearly every pitch, regardless of situation. Gomez seems to cut down his swing just a tiny bit with two strikes — or that may be an optical illusion based on him being able to make a bit of contact.

Terry Collins was thrown out of the game for arguing with a replay/review call in the fifth. I SWEAR that just before he was tossed, the umpire asked Terry, “do you want me to throw you out?” Again, maybe it was an optical illusion, but I watched the replay of the toss five times and, while my lip-reading is not the best, it sure looked like the question was asked prior to the heave-ho.

Did you hear the “oh yeah” confab by GKR regarding the new SNY show? Three things ran through my mind: Ferris Bueller, Kool-Aid Man, and porn (you can find your own video for that one, it won’t be difficult).

I’ve never, ever been an advocate of booing. But I wouldn’t mind if the Citi Field crowd were a little more aggressive about booing Braun. I wouldn’t mind if they were obnoxious and relentless in their efforts, in fact — like Rangers fans when the Islanders invaded the Garden in the 1980s.

Brewers reliever Will Smith would probably look good in black jersey. I wonder if his nickname is “Fresh Prince” or “Agent J”? Smith is a decent LOOGY, but certainly no legend. Yes, these games remain boring for me, and the Keith Hernandez diatribe on the fan cave wasn’t enough for my fix, so my cheeseballiness here is the best I can do to keep myself entertained. Deal with it.

Maybe I should start gearing up for G-Unit.

Not sure what this means, but I find it fascinating: the Phillies’ “run differential” thus far is -44. The Mets’ is -3. Both teams have 36 losses. Anyone want to chime in on this?

Next Mets Game

The final and rubber game of the series begins at 7:10 PM on Thursday night. Jonathon Niese faces Kyle Lohse.

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