Luis Vizcaino Off the Market

The Colorado Rockies have signed setup reliever Luis Vizcaino to a two-year contract; the cash part of the deal has not yet been announced.

What happened to the four-year demands?

In addition, the Dodgers have reached an agreement with Hideki Kuroda. I don’t think the Mets were ever seriously interested in the Japanese hurler, but that’s one less arm available.

Not much left on the market at this point. The fragile Octavio Dotel is the only big-name reliever left. Matt Wise is looking more and more like a fantastic idea. In fact if the Mets signed Wise, and Duaner Sanchez looks healthy in February, it might make sense to move Aaron Heilman to the rotation as suggested here a week ago. (And yes I may harp on this idea several times between now and March.)

Let’s go Omar, make a move already!

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  1. Micalpalyn December 17, 2007 at 1:11 pm
    OK Joe:

    I Just read MLBrumors again and I am still kranky. Though not despondent. I WOULD be despondent if we shipped 6 prospects for Santana. So I prefer the route of patience. I like what the Cards have done in their (omar-esque) recycling program, recycling Joel Pinero and mike Maroth. Also Phils got alot out of old man Moyer and retreads Antonio Alfonseca, JC Romero and Jose Mesa last yr. So on that note i belive YOU are due to do a market assessment. Let me get you going:

    a. Beddard: Possible trade 4 minor leaguers
    b. Santana: Entire farm
    c. Burnett: value getting higher- 2-3 minor leaguers
    d. Blanton: 3 minor leaguers
    e. Edwin Jackson;
    f. Scot Kazmir: Ok I wrote it. Say we offer 4 minor leaguers (Fmart-pelfrey- Muniz-Jon niese)

    a. Kyle lohse- weighing 4 yr offers
    b. Carlos Silva – why hasn’t he signed
    c. Josh Towers- I’m interested. Could he be a jacket project?


    Trying to rustle up dialog:

  2. joe December 17, 2007 at 4:08 pm
    I really hope the Mets aren’t dumb enough to give Kyle Lohse a 4-year deal — he’s too inconsistent. Though his stuff might translate to the bullpen, if he’s open to a transition. But you don’t give 4-year, multimillion-dollar deals to guys you think aren’t going to hack it in the rotation.

    I don’t know what’s going on with Silva – the silence is deafening.

    What’s the fascination with Towers? I saw Matt Cerrone had some interest in him as well. Why? He’s an underwhelming pitcher with mediocre stuff who relies very heavily on pinpoint command for success — and he’s had trouble with his command for most of his career. His one decent season — 2005 — was more anomaly than measuring stick. In addition, if you look at his 2005 season start by start, you find out he pitched a relatively “easy” schedule — of those 13 wins, a whole bunch came against the Royals, the Rays, the Nats, Astros, Orioles, and other struggling teams.

    So I don’t know what it is that Towers has inside him that The Jacket can bring out — it looks like the very best he’ll ever be is a shaky #5, presuming he pitches against weak teams. I’d rather move Aaron Heilman to the rotation or give Phil Humber a shot before wasting time with Towers — Peterson has enough on his plate.