Game 67: Loss

Orioles 4 Mets 2

Sometimes I hate when I’m right.

At the end of the last post I stated that Kris Benson would either pitch lights out or get lit … and unfortunately for the Mets he chose the former.

Other than a first-inning outburst and a couple hits by Carlos Delgado, the Mets were mystified by Benson’s repertoire. Further compounding the situation, Pedro had another unPedro outing; his command was off, he wasn’t using his change-up, and he was falling behind on the counts.

Not much else to say … it was a crappy game. And no doubt Anna Benson was the happiest person in New York (though I suppose that in turn would make Kris Benson the happiest person in NY).


Kris Benson hit a solo homer about two minutes after Gary Cohen muttered, “… and here’s Benson, who’s a good bunter but not much of a hitter …” Naturally, in the at-bat after the homer, Benson was called on to bunt, and popped up to Pedro. Can we still make a call for Howie Rose? I do enjoy Cohen’s play-by-play work, but he’s clearly jinxing the Mets. Put him in the radio booth for a few days.

Benson, by the way, looks gaunt. He’s so slim he looks sick. Either he’s legitimately ill, on the Matthew Perry diet, or Anna is doing a mental number on him, depressing him to the point of losing his appetite. Or maybe he needs to get checked for a tapeworm. Whatever the case, he looks weak and thin. And scary, like a Halloween ghost.

What’s up with Brandon Fahey? I vaguely remember his dad Bill being a good-hit, no-field, third-string catcher, back when teams carried third-string backstops. Brandon looks exactly like his dad, but seems to be able to handle the bat. He appears to be the next Craig Counsell.

Coming into the game, Carlos Delgado was 6-12 with 4 HRs vs. Benson. He looked, shall we say, comfortable, against him today.

The Mets will have Tom Glavine holding the dustpan against Adam Loewen’s broom for the Sunday afternoon game. Hopefully the Mets can keep the sweeping items in the closet and pull out at least one win this weekend.

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