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The Nolan Ryan Express Still Doesn’t Stop In Flushing

Over the last couple of weeks, ESPN has been running the film “Catching Hell” from their exquisite 30 for 30 series. Directed by Oscar winner, Alex Gibney, the made-for-television documentary details the story of one Steve Bartman. Bartman as many may recall has been labeled the most recent scapegoat for the Chicago Cubs championship drought […]

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The Mets Break Out Their Season Ticket Pricing Plans For 2012

Let the offseason moves begin! The New York Mets opened the floodgates yesterday by announcing their new season ticket packages and detailing the numerous changes that they will be implementing in an effort to retain season ticket holders as well as to incentivize new would-be buyers for the 2012 season. The biggest announcement coming out […]

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shea Stadium

Mets Today has always been a fan of tales of Mets nostalgia. It’s been nearly three years since the last game was played at Shea Stadium, thus ending a thirty-four year era of fastballs, scorecards and silhouetted baseball players bathed in neon as night fell on the stadium. Too often during its waning days as […]

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There Are Still Playoff Hopes To Be Found — In Kingsport

As the New York Mets season all but came to a close this week with Daniel Murphy and Jose Reyes landing on the disabled list alongside their hobbled teammates, Johan Santana and Ike Davis, there still remains a case of optimism for the faithful. Outside of Flushing, there’s a pennant race brewing and the Kingsport […]

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