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ST vs. Dodgers: Win

Mets 1 Dodgers 0

Brady Clark was the hero, winning the game in dramatic style by getting in the way of a pitch with the bases loaded to force in the winning run.

Matt “The Windmill” Wise pitched one inning to earn the victory.

Actually, the real hero was Ezequiel Carrera, who entered the game to play leftfield and made an Endy-like, game-saving catch in the 8th to keep the Dodgers from scoring. The table was set for Carrera to win the ballgame when he came to bat with one out and runners on second and third in the ninth, but walked.


Dirt on Church?

At first glance, Ryan Church seems like a nice, quiet guy who will fit right in to the Mets lineup and clubhouse.

Not so fast … after reading a post and its comments on Capitol Punishment, I found out that Ryan Church is …

– maybe the dumbest guy on the planet;

– a laid-back California (idiot) dude;

– a whiner;

– a big mouth;

– the victim of a golden shower;

– a bigot;

– an anti-semite;

– a “Nazi ba$!ard”;

Gosh, makes Lastings Milledge sound like a choir boy.

In addition, I learned Church uses “Crazy Train” as his theme music, which in my mind is a good thing.

If Ryan Church is in fact the loudmouth bigot the DC fans know him to be, I think he may have a hard time in NYC. Time will tell.

BTW, the aforementioned article also refers to former Nat Endy Chavez as a “crapbag”.

I will not cast the first stone on any of this, but you are free to comment as you wish.

Hat tip to ‘Ropolitans for the original link at Capitol Punishment.


Top 20 Differences Between Spring Training and Regular Season

What makes a spring training game at Tradition Field different from a regular season game at Shea Stadium …

1. 5000 people fill the park instead of 55,000

2. Parking is on a lawn, is easy, costs five bucks, and you get a free newspaper with it.

3. Leaving the parking lot after the game takes ten minutes instead of one hour plus.

4. You can get to your seat with a beer, a sausage, and a program in less than five minutes after entering the stadium.

5. You NEVER wait to use a stall in the restroom.

6. A “long line” at the concession stand is three people deep.

7. There are at least five “ceremonial first pitches” — and one of them is by the stock boy from the local Wal-Mart.

8. The last row of “Upper Reserve” is a great seat — better, in fact, than some field level boxes in Shea and better than anything in Loge.

9. You can hear Carlos Delgado encouraging the pitcher from the Upper Reserve.

10. Hot dog: $3.50.

11. 18 oz. beer: five bucks. 22-oz. beer: six bucks.

12. Concessions workers are warm, friendly, and take their time — and you don’t mind a bit.

13. T-shirts are launched from a bungee cord instead of a pop-gun … except, the bungee doesn’t work and so the tees are thrown by Sandy Alomar, Sr.

14. There’s only one drunken, loud, obnoxious arsehole in the park instead of dozens.

15. Mr. Met is nowhere to be found (sigh).

16. Free taco if a Met pitcher strikes out the second batter of the second inning.

17. No “plane race” … instead, there’s a golf pitch-n-putt contest.

18. Speaking of planes, there are none flying overhead every 15 minutes.

19. Tiki Bar! ’nuff said.

20. Dirtiest car in the parking lot wins a free car wash.

Bonus: UV index is 7, so make sure you wear sun block!