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Mets Game 85: Loss to Reds

Reds 3 Mets 1

Jon Niese pitched well. But Bronson Arroyo pitched a little bit better.

Niese pitched an efficient 7 2/3 innings, allowing 3 runs on 6 hits and a walk, expending only 99 pitches. On another night, it might’ve been enough to earn a victory. Unfortunately, the Mets offense could do nothing against the stiff-legged delivery of Arroyo, who held them to one run on 7 hits in 8 innings.

Game Notes

Niese struck out 8 and as mentioned was extremely efficient, averaging right around a dozen pitches per inning (15 per inning is considered good). I still don’t like his dropped arm angle, which flattens all of his pitches. A few times later in the game he threw with a distinctly sidearm delivery; was that on purpose or due to fatigue? I’m leaning toward the latter, unless he’s been texting with Ollie Perez lately.

The only Met to score, and to drive in a run, was Angel Pagan, who hit a solo homer in the first frame. Carlos who?

Pagan had two hits, as did Josh Thole, who started the game behind the dish.

Next Mets Game

The Mets have a day off on Thursday, then host the Braves for a three-game set beginning on Friday night at 7:10 PM. R.A. Dickey faces Tommy Hanson.


Mets Game 27: Win Over Reds

Mets 5 Reds 4

They went ahead, they fell behind, they fought back … and in the end, they won.

The Mets and Reds went back and forth all game, and by the time the 27th out was recorded, the Mets were the team remaining standing, thanks to a solo blast by homerun king Rod “Piazza” Barajas.

Game Notes

John Maine spun his best start of the year, going 6 innings and allowing just one earned run on 4 hits and 2 walks, striking out 6 in the process. No, I’m not terribly impressed, and chalking it up to the benefit of the same youthful and over-aggressive Reds lineup that made Oliver Perez look acceptable on Monday night. Maybe that’s being negative, but I prefer “realistic”. In any case, I’ll take it, but at the same time will not adjust my low expectations for Maine.

Gotta love the tenacity of these 2010 Mets — something we haven’t seen since … well, since I can’t remember when.

Jose Reyes had two hits, and seems to be shaking the rust off, both offensively and defensively. Now if only stubborn Jerry Manuel will move him back to the leadoff spot, we may be on to something.

The Mets were an impressive 2-for-6 with RISP and left only 4 men on base. Though, the stats-focused sabermetrician Jerry Manuel might let you know that those numbers suggest the Mets didn’t put many men on base in the first place.

Fernando Nieve allowed back-to-back homers in the 8th to allow the Reds to tie the game. I can’t for the life of me figure out how Nieve could be so ineffective — it’s not like he’s been overused or anything.

For the record, Nieve is now on pace to appear in 102 games this season. Maybe I’m harping on the subject, or maybe I’m pointing out something incredibly irresponsible.

Next Mets Game

The rubber match occurs in Cincinnati on Wednesday night at 12:35 PM on Cinco de Mayo. Jon Niese faces Johnny Cueto.


Remaining Pitching Options

arroyo-vs-metsIt is no secret that the Mets need to acquire more quality pitching to contend in 2010 — both in the starting rotation and the bullpen (though, most people are ignoring the ‘pen part of the issue).

Let’s go over the names being bandied about.


Mets Game 85: Loss to Reds

Reds 3 Mets 0

There was a game? Who knew? I thought the important Mets activity this Friday night was the trade of Ryan Church to Atlanta for Jeff Francoeur. And then when I saw Jeremy Reed in the #5 spot, I figured it was either a joke or the Mets were simply canceling the game.

Not that I don’t like Jeremy Reed — in fact, I very much like Jeremy Reed and am ticked off that he is unlikely to be playing much anymore. But he shouldn’t be batting fifth any more than Luis Castillo should be batting 8th … or Nick Evans second … or … anyway, I digress …

As it turned out, the Mets did play a game on Friday night, even though Francoeur will not be arriving into New York until Saturday. There are hot dogs and Shake Shack burgers and Hoegaarden beers and Blue Smoke pulled pork sandwiches to sell at the world’s largest bar with live entertainment, after all.

Bronson Arroyo — the righthanded Randy Wolf, i.e., the Mets’ kryptonite (according to Coop) — pitched a nine-inning, four-hit shutout for his ninth victory of the season.

Joey Votto hit a solo homer in the fourth to give Arroyo all the runs he needed. Brandon Phillips stole home and Laynce Nix hit another solo shot to give the Reds unneeded insurance runs.

The loss wasted a nice performance by Fernando Nieve, who allowed three earned runs on eight hits in six innings. You can’t ask much more from a fill-in fifth starter.


The Mets put six balls into the outfield. No Mets baserunner made it beyond first base.

For the seventh consecutive contest, the Mets had neither a stolen base nor a homerun. Hmm … no small ball, no big ball … what exactly IS the Mets’ offensive strategy?

It was Bronson Arroyo’s second career shutout — the other one came in 2006.

Dan Murphy had half of the Mets’ hits, and the others were collected by, of all people, Argenis Reyes and Fernando Nieve.

I find it hard to believe that the Mets’ perceived “lack of talent” was the reason they couldn’t hit Bronson Arroyo, when Reyes and Nieve both stroked hits. This has little to do with skillset, and everything to do with mental preparation, approach, and focus.

Cry all you want about the Mets’ “depleted” lineup. But I’m looking at the Reds’ lineup — with three guys sporting sub-.300 OBPs, their third baseman hitting worse than most pitchers, and some guy named Ryan Hanigan behind the plate — and not seeing anything resembling “The Big Red Machine”. This Mets team is due for a labotomy.

Next Mets Game

The Jeff Francoeur Era begins on Saturday at 7:10 PM. Johan Santana goes to the mound against Johnny Cueto. Jeff Francoeur plays right field. It’s anyone’s guess who hits cleanup, but my money’s on “Frenchy” — assuming Jerry Manuel determines that he’s had “a good BP session”.