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Free Agent Targets: Relief Pitchers

The MLBPA compiled a full list of players who filed for free agency this offseason. Out of those, there are several possibilities that stood out to me as players I would consider signing if I were the GM of the Mets (assuming I had a moderate amount of money to spend). Mind you, I’m not saying the Mets should sign ALL of these players – that would be impossible. But this would be the pool of players from which I would choose.

We’ll break them down by position. In the last post, I looked at starting pitchers. In this post, I’ll take a look at…

Relief Pitchers

The Mets bullpen had another poor season statistically in 2013, but a lot of their failure came from a few sources, like Brandon Lyon, Rob Carson, Greg Burke, and Josh Edgin (during his first stint in the majors).


Good News: Qualls to Tampa Bay

Good news for the Mets: the Diamondbacks won’t have Chad Qualls in the bullpen tonight. That’s because Qualls is on his way to Tampa Bay, traded by Arizona for a player to be named later.

Qualls has been abysmal this season, but he struck out two in a perfect, 13-pitch inning against the Mets on Friday night. It’s possible that the D-Backs will be shorthanded, as they have also unloaded Chris Snyder … hard to say whether they will get replacements into NYC in time for the ballgame tonight. If nothing else, the replacements will be a bit stressed from the news and the travel. Let’s hope that, in addition to the upheaval of the Diamondbacks clubhouse, proves to be a distraction and gives an advantage to the Mets this weekend.

In related news, the Rays are reportedly in talks with the Orioles to obtain Luke Scott and/or LOOGY Will Ohman.

Meanwhile, the Mets look like they are standing pat, confident in the organization’s personnel.