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Mets Game 104: Giants

I’m not staying up beyond 2 a.m. for this game, again. The getting up at 6 a.m. for the paying job part of life makes these Left Coast swings impossible to fully cover.

That said, please feel free to post your comments on this ballgame. LGM.


MLB Needs to Decide What the All-Star Game Is

Wright made the 2012 All-Star team, but not as a starter.

The 2012 All-Star Rosters were announced today, and the Mets will have two representatives.  R.A. Dickey and David Wright will join manager Terry Collins (who was selected to Tony LaRussa’s coaching staff) in Kansas City.

The big news for Mets fans is the fact that Pablo Sandoval of the Giants beat out Wright in the fan voting by 1.6 million votes.  Wright had been leading in the voting up until the last couple of days.

But fan voting is an important part of the All-Star Game.  After all, the fans should vote for the players they want to see, since it is an exhibition game held for the fans.

Wait…is it?  I thought “it counted this time.”

In 2002, the All-Star Game finished in a 7-7 tie in the 11th inning, when each manager simply ran out of players.  Because that’s what you did in an All-Star Game: get as many players in the game as possible.  Why?  So the fans of each team could see their men compete in the Summer Classic, that’s why.  Admit it, it was  a thrill to see Lee Mazzilli play in the 1979 All-Star game.  He even tied the game with a home run, and drove in the eventual game-winning run with a bases-loaded walk.  He somehow didn’t win the MVP, mostly because a more popular player (Dave Parker) from a winning team (the Pirates) threw a guy out at home.


Mets Game 15: Loss to Giants

Giants 6 Mets 1

The weather conditions were reminiscent of those that might be experienced during an early season game at old Candlestick Park — cold, wet, windy. And as was often the case in those San Francisco games of yesteryear, the Giants beat the Mets.


Blog Roundup: Post-NFL Edition

Football season ended in spectacular fashion (if you’re a fan of the non-baseball Giants), and baseball season approaches.  Pitchers and Catchers report later this month, and, like the cycles of the sun and the moon, America’s Original Pastime will move to the forefront once again.  Are Mets fans looking forward to the new season, or dreading it?

The Blogs have the answer:

  • Faith and Fear in Flushing is thinking playoffs after seeing the Giants win the Super B…er…Big Game.  In particular, Greg outlines just how many New York teams have made the playoffs since the Mets last postseason visit.  (The Islanders?  Really?)
  • Amazin’ Avenue looks at minor league free agents that left the Mets this offseason.  Hu was that guy?
  • Eddie Kranepool Society sums up the restlessness of Mets fans nicely.  The season better start soon, or else we might riot.  Then again, once we see the on-field product, we may be more likely to riot.
  • Metstradamus isn’t happy about how the Mets pulled writer Howard Megdal’s credentials, after he wrote a critical book about the Wilpons and their finances.
  • Paul’s Random Stuff brings our attention to a bottle of Dom Perignon signed by Bill Buckner.
  • MMO reports that the Mets farm system is ranked #22 in MLB.  Optimistic yet?

Well, at least we can look forward to the offseason drama dying down, and the on-field drama ramping up.  Right?  Oh yeah, and more great reads on Mets Today.


Blog Roundup: Your Escape from Super Bowl Hype

Nothing too Earth-shattering happening in the world of the Mets.  Perhaps it’s better that way.  Whenever a big story breaks lately, it’s usually not good.  But if you’re ready to take a slight break from endless Super Bowl coverage to get caught up with the boys from Queens, then you’ve come to the right place.

Take it away, Blogs:

  • Rising Apple relays the news that Taylor Buchholz will sit out the 2012 season, while he continues his battle with severe depression.  We at Mets Today wish him the best of luck.
  • Mack’s Mets has an analysis of the new Mets’ infielder, Omar Quintanilla.
  • Tedquarters says the Mets may be unironically pursuing OF Rick Ankiel.  Well, it wouldn’t be the first time Ankiel helps the Mets.
  • Amazin’ Avenue goes into more detail about Ankiel’s meltdown against the Mets, plus all the beautiful video.
  • Adam Rubin reports that the Orioles have signed former Mets great, Ronny Paulino.
  • Mets Police shows off some pictures of the items on Citi Field’s new Delta Marketplace menu.

The Super Bowl can only mean one thing: baseball season is just around the corner.  And Mets Today has you covered like Corey Webster.