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Ian Desmond’s Errors No Big Deal

Since the Mets are playing the Nats today, I thought this article was appropriate: Dan Daly of the Washington Post did a boxscore-by-boxscore study of shortstop Ian Desmond’s errors, and found that they weren’t really that big of a deal.

Desmond has received a lot of flak for making 34 errors, but Daly discovered they only cost the Nats three games at most — and only one of those errors directly resulted in a loss.

In addition to this being apropos because of the Nats game, this information suggests that a poor defensive second baseman might not affect the Mets’ won-loss record this season. Maybe a hard-hitting second-sacker like Brad Emaus, Dan Murphy, or Justin Turner will win more games with the bat than they’ll lose with their iron gloves. Who knows? But this research on Desmond surely offers hope for the Dr. Strangegloves of the world.


Inside Look: Washington Nationals

The Mets host the Washington Nationals for a three-game set this weekend, and the series loser will likely be in the NL cellar come Monday.

Bet you didn’t think of that, did you? Kind of scary, but true. Both teams are 1-2 on the year, and (barring rainouts) the series loser will be at best 2-4. Everyone else in the NL East already has a 2-1 record, so … do the math. These are the things that keep lunatic Mets fans awake at night.

But don’t worry, it’s still early. VERY early.

With Washington in town, I called on Harper Gordek, fellow ESPN SweetSpot blogger and the man behind Nationals Baseball, to answer a few questions about the up-and-coming Nats. My questions are in bold, his answers in the light-blue boxes.

1. The biggest buzz surrounds someone not on the 25-man roster: