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Lima Time is Up

If you haven’t heard already, former Mets pitcher Jose Lima passed away this morning at the age of 37. According to his wife, “Lima Time” died of a sudden heart attack at his home in Los Angeles. He is survived by his wife and five children.

Lima’s MLB career ended after compiling an 0-4 record and 9.84 ERA in 4 starts for the Mets in 2006.

Kind of weird and creepy that two days from now will be the second anniversary of the death of Geremi Gonzalez — who made 3 similarly horrendous spot starts for the Mets that same season. Gonzalez died after being struck by lightning in Venezuela on May 25th, 2008.

Just to creep you out a bit more, the picture to the left is of Gonzalez greeting Lima during spring training in Port St. Lucie in February 2006 (FYI I found the photo on the Mets blog “Can’t Stop the Bleeding“).