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July 7: Wednesday Morning Mets Links

MetsToday – Carlos Beltran (right on!) and Oliver Perez (oh noes!) are making progress down in Port St. Lucie.

MetsMerized – David Wright is your National League Player of the Month for June 2010. Well done and well deserved!

TheRoPolitans – Andrew Vazzano likes what he saw in last night’s 3-1 victory.

BrooklynMetFan – Ditto for BMF with an added twist – Jerry Manuel’s ejection on Monday may have helped Johan throw a gem last night. That’s a new one…

Real Dirty Mets Blog – Another enthusiastic response to last night’s game.


July 2: Afternoon Mets Links and Open Thread

UPDATED (6:09 pm)

Andy Martino on Twitter – Apparently, Jose Reyes won’t return until Sunday, at the earliest. Martino is also reporting that Luis Castillo will start his rehab assignment soon and – according to Jerry Manuel – Castillo will be the starting second baseman as soon as he is back with the Mets.

MetsGrrl – Photos from the Mets’ “Teammates in the Community” event at the Humane Society of New York.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper breaks down who’s hot and who’s not for July 2, 2010.

NY Times – An absolutely amazing video that illustrates why Mariano Rivera has been so dominant for so many years (via MetsBlog)

MetsPolice – A heated discussion has broken out over in the comments section of Mets Police. The issue essentially boils down to this – how bad is Jerry Manuel? In other words, is he merely “George Foster bad” or is he “Carlos Baerga bad”? Hey, that could be a poll question next week!

MetsToday – MLB would like some money to give you the chance to spend more money if you’re team makes the playoffs. Bud Selig would’ve made one hell of a used car salesman…


The Mets (44-35) take on the Nationals (35-45) in a game that oozes with importance. If the Mets drop this game, they will have to beat Stephen Strasburg tomorrow to have a chance at splitting the 4-game series. Thankfully, tonight’s pitching matchup favors the Mets, as Jon Niese (5-2, 3.84) faces Luis Atilano (6-4, 4.33).

Tonight’s Lineup:

Angel Pagan – CF
Ruben Tejada – SS
David Wright – 3B
Ike Davis – 1B
Jason Bay – LF
Rod Barajas – C
Jeff Francoeur – RF
Alex Cora – 2B
Jonathon Niese – LHP


July 1: Morning Mets Links

It’s July 1… and the Mets are in second place, 1.5 games behind the Braves. How amazing is that? Here are your morning Mets links:

TheRoPolitans – Last night’s late start and finish gave Andrew Vazzano the opportunity to find the score this morning. Something about this post brings back memories of the old days…

Newsday – Johan Santana thinks he’s cured… of tipping pitches. Dan Warthen agrees. I guess we’ll find out tonight.

MetsBlog – Team reports of Jose Reyes’ stiff back seem to have been inaccurate – Reyes says he injured his oblique. Another bogus medical report from the Mets? That’s sooo 2009!

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper announces his pick for Player of the Month for June. And the winner is…

The Daily Stache – Buffalo Bisons pitcher Dillon Gee hit Syracuse outfielder Leonard Davis, in retaliation for Davis’ dirty slide that ended Daniel Murphy’s season. Sticking up for a teammate? Gee needs to get those psychotic anger issues in check or he’ll never make it to the major leagues, just like Wally Backman. Heh.

WFAN – Brooklyn Cyclones manager Wally Backman was on WFAN with Boomer and Carton this morning. They discussed Backman’s time as a player with the Mets, his epic minor league ejection and the first place Cyclones.


June 30: Mid-Week Mets Links, Morning Edition

The Daily Stache – Kevin Kearns thinks last night’s game might increase the chances we will see Cliff Lee in a Mets uniform this season.

NY Post – Joel Sherman reports that a deal for Cliff Lee will have to include Jenrry Mejia and Wilmer Flores.

MetsToday – According to our poll, 26% of MetsToday readers think Mejia should not be traded under any circumstances. Only 16% say that Flores should be untouchable. Take the poll and let your voice be heard!

MetsBlog – Ollie Perez begins his rehab assignment today! Woohoo! Wait, that means Ollie comes back in 30 days or less? Uh oh.

Baseball Digest – A look at Jason Bay’s first half non-performance.

And here is Kerel Cooper’s take on Jerry Manuel’s late-inning strategy during last night’s game:


June 29: PM Mets Links and Open Thread

SNY – How badly do the Mets need another starting pitcher? Dan Graziano thinks Carlos Zambrano should be on the list of possible trade targets.

NY Daily News – Denis Hamill has a nice article about why he loves watching Cyclones games.

Bleacher Report – Metszilla (probably not his/her real name) wants the Mets to pursue Dan Haren instead of Cliff Lee.

Philadelphia Daily News – Fresh off this morning’s news that Lenny Dykstra may have illegally hyped stocks in exchange for money, Paul Hagen reports that Lenny Dykstra may have confessed to taking steroids during his playing career.

ESPN NY – It looks like the Mets’ “Go Gaga For Wright Night” has failed to put Wright ahead of Placido Polanco in the All-Star balloting. And does anyone really care?


The Mets (43-33) look to bounce back from last night’s loss to the Marlins (36-40). Hisanori Takahashi (6-3, 3.78) will face Florida’s Nate Robertson (5-6, 4.89). First pitch at 7:10pm EST.


June 29: Tuesday Morning Mets Links

MetsToday – Should the Mets trade for Cliff Lee or Ted Lilly? Or none of the above? Take the poll!

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper reminds us that the Mets could use some bullpen help.

MetsBlog – Oliver Perez will begin his rehab assignment soon.

USA Today – It looks like Bobby Valentine might still be in the running for next Marlins manager.

New York Times – More bad news for Lenny Dykstra. Something tells me this is only going to get worse.

ESPN New York – The Mets will face Stephen Strasburg on Saturday. Should be fun to watch.


June 28: PM Mets Links, Puerto Rico Preview & Open Thread

MetsBlog – The weather forecast for the upcoming Mets-Marlin series: Rainy with a chance of rain, with intermittent thundershowers and periods of RAIN.

MetsToday – As of this writing, Mets fans seem to favor bringing in Cliff Lee over Ted Lilly, by a 2-to-1 margin. Have you voted?

ESPN New York – Jenrry Mejia left yesterday’s start in Binghamton with an arm injury. Adam Rubin is now reporting the injury is a posterior cuff strain in his throwing shoulder. No word on his recovery timetable.

Amazin’ Avenue – A full farm system report.


The Mets (43-32) travel to Hiram Bithorn Stadium in Puerto Rico to take on the Florida Marlins (35-40). R.A. Dickey (6-0, 2.33) will face Ricky Nolasco (6-6, 4.92). For a scouting report on Nolasco, visit Long Live Shea Stadium.

Check out Adam Rubin’s series preview over at ESPN New York. Based on the pitcher-vs-hitter stats for the probable starters, it looks like we could see some big offense in Puerto Rico, along with all the rain.



June 28: Monday Morning Mets Links

The Mets are in Puerto Rico to start a three-game series against the Florida Marlins. Here are your Monday morning Mets links:

NJ.com – Angel Pagan and Pedro Feliciano are excited to play in front of family and friends in Puerto Rico.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper is very concerned about the recent struggles of Johan Santana. Who isn’t?

Hot Foot Blog – Andrew Beaton doesn’t seem too concerned about Johan Santana. That makes one. Anyone else?

The Daily Stache – Mathias Kook Ganci says the Mets are here to stay.

NY Daily News – It doesn’t look like Carlos Beltran will join the Mets in Puerto Rico.

MetsBlog – Various reports indicate Bobby Valentine will not be the next manager of the Marlins. Nothing official yet…

Mets Police – Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Frank Cashen and Davey Johnson will be inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame on July 31. You can attend the pre-game charity reception for a tax-deductible donation of $325.

(Via John Fitzgerald): And since most of you have seen the video of Wally Backman’s epic ejection in the South Coast League from a few years back, here is Wally’s explanation of what went down. The interview happened within minutes of the incident, disproving all the reports that Backman was in a blind rage. It’s also important to note that the umpire was suspended and fined for his actions on the field and Backman was not.